Adolescence is a special time in the life of any child. It is a period of discovery, of forming hobbies and interests, of discovering relationships and enjoying the first real test of independence. Parents can do many things to help their children through these several years of transition to adulthood, but one of the best gifts they can give is a place that reflects their own unique personality. That is why we will show you a few ideas and photos for decorating youth bedrooms .

Youth bedrooms

The decoration must combine practicality, simplicity, good taste and joy; all desirable features in a youth room. That is why we will show you some photos and ideas of simple rooms, contemporary in style and full of energy and good taste.

Points to consider

If you are looking for teen bedroom ideas, think about what your child loves and try to see their room from their perspective. A teenager has a different concept of a bedroom than an adult: beyond a place to sleep, it is where he escapes from the demands and rules of the world.

There are few places where a teenager can express himself without shame. The room is the best option. Your favorite things are diverse and sometimes jarring, but with a little planning, all ideas can come together. It is important to note that your bedroom is an expression of who you are.

Today’s teens are design conscious and very up to date on the latest trends. But they are halfway between childhood and adulthood. Most teens have beloved toys that they are not ready to put down, yet they want a room that is more grown-up and more sophisticated than their childhood room.

A teenager will appreciate that his bedroom is his independent mini-apartment where he can spend most of his time comfortably. Regardless of size, a teenager’s room needs to be versatile enough that they can do homework, hang out with friends, rest and sleep, all while reflecting their personality.

Define different areas

See your bedroom as more than just a sleeping space. As they begin to explore their independence, having a room where they can hang out, study, and relax with friends is almost more important than sleeping. And the social aspect of a room is very important. The following areas in your room should be creatively addressed:

A sleeping area A study area A place to rest with friends

If small space is an issue, try to envision creative approaches to meet your multipurpose room goal, for example:

A vertically oriented study area, for example a small surface for writing and using the space above or below for storage.

Cork or magnetic dry-erase boards can clear the desktop surface.

A small bench against the foot of the bed could be a versatile little room.

Add some pillows and a rug in one corner to create a living room.

Place the bed against a wall. Add a mosquito net or fabric to create a division between the living room and the bedroom.


While adults prefer a quiet, low-key space, teens appreciate vibrantly colored, high-energy rooms. The wall is the largest area you can work with in a bedroom. You can consider any of these ideas:

Bright color.

Custom wall paper.

Removable wall stickers.

A custom drawing or graffiti for an urban style.

Neon signs or canopies with favorite phrases.

Creative ideas

Quiet and calm are good concepts for adult bedroom design, but teens prefer a bedroom that is fun. They usually want a creative and original bedroom. Bold and imaginative elements will incentivize you. Any ideas:

A swing or a hanging chair.

A hanging bed.

A fish tank mounted on the wall.

A round bed.

A chalkboard wall where they can express themselves (chalkboard paint is available in colors other than black. Pink, cobalt blue, and lime green are among the latest offerings). On it the young man can write memorable quotes, lyrics to his favorite songs and other non-permanent graffiti. You can easily turn any space on a wall into a chalkboard with a can of chalkboard paint.


While the concept may sound a bit childish, decorating the ceiling is a good idea to bring a youth room to life. For example, a ceiling with a night sky can actually provide a great touch to the room. Paint the entire space dark blue and stick little bright stars.



Tip: When incorporating a hobby or special interest into a design, do so carefully. While your son’s mobile may be full of Bob Marley or your daughter has developed a penchant for vampires, either phase can end at any time. Adolescence is a time of transition, so make sure the space is open for these changes.


You can add interest to a room by using textures, for example:

Velvet bedspreads.

A faux fur rug.

Hanging curtains to divide the space.

Pillows of various colors and textures.


Let’s face it, teens and tidy rooms are a rare combination. Good storage options will then be indispensable for storing all your things, even if it is as simple as quickly tossing them in a drawer or trunk. You can consider:



Storage containers under the bed.

Trunks, benches or ottomans with storage.

Coat hangers.

Colors for youth rooms

One of the best ways to spice up a room is to add a pop of color, and what better way to do that than with a fresh coat of paint? Let your child choose his favorite color, to create an accent wall, or paint the entire room.

Contrasting colors

You can take inspiration from the color wheel and choose colors that are opposite. That way you will achieve a shocking effect, as in this case, where green and pink have been used.



Decorate your bedroom with your favorite color and choose the opposite color to add accents to decorative objects and bedding. This room also has the particularity of combining traditional with contemporary elements, another way of decorating with opposites. Perfect for teenagers.


Neutral colors with pops of color

Clean lines and playful colors. You might consider painting the walls in neutral colors such as white, gray, or beige, and applying bold colors to your décor, such as pictures, cushions, lamps, and rugs.



Create a perfect environment for teens to relax and hang out. It is a great trend to give a room a lot of color from accessories, keeping the walls neutral.







This is one of the girls’ favorite colors, which never goes out of style. In this room, most of the pink accessories contrast with the white, this gives a cozy design to the bedroom.

Black or white with colored walls

You can paint the wall in a striking color, and decorate the room with objects in white or black.




This is a room full of character. Black and white fixtures make a great contrast to the bright blue wall color. The different patterns give the room personality and originality.

Furniture and beds for youth bedrooms

Among the main characteristics of these rooms that we will see below, is the incorporation of all the furniture that a teenager could need both for rest as well as for study and recreation. In addition, it is important to make these spaces very bright and well ventilated, since spaces with these characteristics are usually much healthier compared to those lacking light and ventilation.

Carré is a Spanish company with more than 60 years of experience in the field of integral decoration solutions and among its products you can find everything you need to furnish youth bedrooms. These photos that they offer us, can serve as inspiration.

As you can see, each room has everything necessary for a young person: work spaces, shelves, cabinets, and decoration elements; fulfilling these spaces with the aesthetics and functionality that every room should have.

Male youth bedrooms

Youth bedroom in brown

The brown color in this case is the perfect frame to add ethnic decorative elements, in this case African.



Youth bedroom in red

The light natural wood and the red color make up a bedroom with a calming and fresh but energetic effect. Keep in mind that many of the furniture offered by this company have casters underneath, so they can be moved from one place to another without problems. This provides even more convenience for teens.


Female youth bedrooms

The decoration of a girl’s bedroom is usually one of the types of decoration that creates the most expectations, since the feminine gender by nature is characterized by being a detail-oriented and somewhat perfectionist. That is why today we wanted to give a hand through this article to all those girls who are thinking about remodeling their bedroom, but still do not find the perfect decoration in their head.

As you will appreciate, to achieve a successful style in these spaces, you should not fill it with furniture or decorative accessories. The simple incorporation of your favorite colors, as well as the furniture that they functionally require, can be more than enough to achieve a perfect decoration, if creativity, good taste and details that convey vitality and joy are put into them.

Another of the great modern trends can be the incorporation of wallpapers or painting graphic designs on the wall in different colors. Since the wide variety of designs that the current market presents us, it can be more than enough to give life to a youth bedroom according to our personality.

Pastel colors

If he or she likes art, a room with light wood and white furniture may be perfect. These colors also help a small room look bigger.

In yellow and lilac

Yellow and lilac, a perfect combination for a feminine bedroom with a calming and romantic effect. Superfunctional furniture such as the desk with attached wardrobe and drawers.


Youth bedrooms for girls and boys

In gray and cream

Note that the beds, desks, shelves and cabinets occupy only one wall. This type of design saves a lot of space.




With hints of orange

The color orange is one of the classics in decoration of youth spaces, since it provides that energy that young people like. All the furniture occupies only one wall, so that maximum use of space is made.

In green

This type of solution is perfect for small rooms, where every part of the walls is used for comfort.


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