For many different reasons, a lot of people, especially in large urban centers that have opted-in to homes to smaller, more practical. However, it’s wrong if you think that a small house is synonymous with a lack of comfort; on the contrary, the small room has been proved that creativity, comfort and a good decor to go hand-in-hand side, and the decoration of small rooms, the space can provide a richer place for locals and guests to enjoy.

And speaking of guests, we cannot forget talking about the living room. The decor of the room to be small, the main feature of this community shared with the public. A small living room is well decorated it combines the best of both worlds, providing you with a friendly environment, without the need for too much space.

Collect lots of inspiration, before the start of the decoration of small rooms

I bet you’ve already seen it in some place of the examples of the decoration of small rooms, it is on the television, on the internet and in publications in the style of the decoration and was wondering about the possibilities of the use of space, a better layout of the furniture, decorative items, light-gathering, but the ideas were so many that it was difficult to figure out where to begin.

Is it time to decorate a small living room, my suggestion is to start with a plan and a collection of inspiration from them. In the pictures it has been a big part of my inspiration for the theme of the décor of the rooms, for small and you believe that it can inspire you as well. For each photo I would like to share some tips.

Decoration of small rooms

The choice of the lighter tones into the decor, rooms, small, helps in the aspect of a clean and simple sophistication, as well as a clear sense of what the environment is larger than it actually is, thanks to the proper use of lighting.

The decoration of living rooms pequenas2

Another way to make a good use of the space in it differ on the use of a mobile phone. For the little table in the photo above, it was also used in the winery, combining convenience and comfort.

The decoration of living rooms pequenas3

Small rooms don’t have to be boring! It’s possible to mix up styles using the colors are neutral and geometrical prints in the same room to keep it warm, and spacious. It can also be used in other environments.

The decoration of living rooms pequenas4

Match the color between some of the furniture and the wall-encourages a sense of what the dining room is more elongated, and even some of the smaller items such as conveyor belt, with stripes, they can help you in a feeling of spaciousness.

The decoration of living rooms pequenas5

You just invest in the details of your decor for small rooms? A curtain of light fabric, such as, for example, voal, you can enjoy a cozy touch in the decoration-simple and pretty.

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Inspired? Well, the good news is that, in the decoration of small rooms can be given to a few, respect for the time, and the availability of the occupant, adjusting to the items in the decor as you can in your own time.

In fact, decorating, and as we know, it can be quite pleasant and nice in that you put a little bit of your personality into the place in which we dwell, so you just have a small living room and well-appointed you as well? A good decoration!

Text is by Natalia Santos on the Blog that I was going to say?

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