Wallpaper for walls increasingly gaining ground in the world of decoration, because it has the benefit of being able to be placed with a certain ease. It is one of the most effective ways to introduce noticeable changes in the various environments, it has established itself as a quick and effective solution for all types of walls.

Wallpaper for Walls

So if the paint on your walls is in a bad state and does not want to confront the whole of the work, meaning to return to paint, or if you’re simply looking for a drastic change in their environments, but do not want to submit to the expenses that would take a change of furniture, insurance, the best solution will be to opt for the implementation of wallpaper.

Wallpaper for Walls motif Nature

For those seeking a paper design wall trend this season, we recommend those that have designs inspired by nature, because every time they gain a greater popularity. Can be taken with floral motifs, the designs of leaves and branches, or of the fruit.

The flower decoration on the walls doesn’t have to be delicate and neat. You can choose a design of a large flower of a bright color and nothing more. With her alone is enough to have a room decorated with style and personality.

One way to decorate and add color and style to a room is through wallpaper. The designs are endless and you can find wallpaper of all types, motifs, and colors. There is one in particular that lately comes from strength to strength in the interior decoration: designs with flowers.


There are designs of wall paper with flowers of all sizes. Small flowers and big flowers, few or many colors. You can wallpaper a whole room in a modern paper and vibrant, full of flowers. To add harmony in the room, you should keep the furniture neutral colors.





Thanks to the wide array of designs and colours that the current market offers us in this kind of upholstery to wallsit is sure that we will be able to find a proposal that suits our taste and the style of our home, which, in short, are the two most important points that must be met. For example, you can opt for the stripes.

They are perfectly adapted to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms, each time we offer in a greater variety of reasons and in a higher quality, which makes them suitable also to wet spaces as may well be the bathroom.

The stripes are one of the options that can look good with everything.




The options are many and as you can see there are in the market for a wide variety of options, both simple and flashy and showy. Many of the latter are ideal for those looking to create an accent on decoration by means of the walls. Such is the case of the papers, with a gloss metallic.






Many times, house painting, personally, it involves a lot of time and wear, and not seen a substantial change. That is why many people opt for other formats, such as the role of the wall with 3D designs.



Those who want a low-profile design, can opt for a wall paper of sober colors, patterns and abstract.





Paper optical illusions

In keeping with the modern trends of walls, is that on this occasion we present a very interesting topic, as is the case of optical illusions. Far from being things that are very difficult to enter in the home decoration, today we will show you that through wallpaper, everything is possible and costs are more than reasonable.

These first two pictures you see, are true works of art, to which we might go looking for hours and come back to surprise us again and again, because of the truth that they seem to have. The first, would seem to be rolls of large colored fabrics, stacked next to each other, while the second simulates a wall built of sheets of metal rusted.

If you wanted to have a wall of brick in your home, you may be able to get without having to break, since that is another one of the models most in demand by the people.

Here, you would be seeing two windows, a door and a wall of wood. However, there is more than one wall with wallpaper above.

How to have a library in the living room if there is space?, more easy, an option of this style would go perfectly with you.

Finally, the segment is also having a lot of take-off, who are the false walls of concrete, with leave of humidity and paintings poorly finished.

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