If you has focused all these years in the interior decoration of your home, realizing that the entire image of the exterior was without grace and careless, well, then we should evaluate the possibility of paint on it or, why not, to use wallpaper from wall, that are a modern trend and offer a visual impact different for everyone who passes by.

Wall paper outdoor

Geometric designs

The difference between a wallpaper wall for exterior of one to interiors, resides in the fact that it should resist the climate, both in the strong sun, and the rain, cold and moisture, for this reason, it is laminated.

Many are inclined to the classical options, as may be geometric shapes or things like that, but every day more and more, people are turning by more creative designs and fun, that not only decorate, but also lift the façade with different designs and creative.


One of the companies that sell this product is entrepreneurship Italian Wallanddeco. On its website we indicate that it is a specific product for external walls, which can be used for residential, industrial or commercial. Ensure that properties are resistant to rain and anti-smoke, and do not become yellow with the time. Can be applied on concrete surfaces or painted. Its installation is very quick, and has a warranty of 10 years.



Free designs and creative

Ideas funny, do you dare to put things clever, as it could be the face of a woman, covering a good part of the wall, or prints that simulate fabrics.

But, it is worth noting, that not only with wallpaper can you achieve this type of decoration, but there are other alternatives, such as the case of the engraving, mold and aerosols, techniques which have become very popular in recent years, and that allow other types of designs, most intricate, type tiles, as we see in the images below.

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Wall paper outdoor

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