Nowadays, with the advances in technology and the all-new concept of having friends over in the house, the living rooms from the TELEVISION came to occupy a prominent place in the home. This ancient living room TV, which is reserved and kept only the family was left behind, giving way to an environment that is integrated with the living room, and even in the balconies and modern kitchen. Papeando or cooking out with friends, you can listen to music, watch videos, and movies, and video games.

How to decorate the rooms of your TV or home theater system

salas de tv

TV sets, and accessories are becoming more and more affordable, the largest and most powerful in need of space and beauty, you want to share them, and enjoy them on the day-to-day. Proper planning is important for you to make the rooms more comfortable, functional, spacious and, above all, comfortable. Whether it is large or small, inside or outside of the living room, on your balcony, or near your kitchen.

To find out how to decorate all the rooms of the TV, so here we go, here are some tips:

1 – The movement is a very important factor in a lot of tv shows. It is necessary to leave a space for us to be able to lie down, stand, sit down, and you feel right at home.

2 – the Mobile – only those that are essential, such as a sofa, and if it fits with the chaise lounge is delicious, easy, comfortable, rack, equipment, and accessories in a beautiful dashboard to your TV or jacket for the TV to be the center of attention in this table, a table, or ottoman and rug, you need to have to give up the warmth of the ending, which is the environment calls for it.

salas de tv The modern environment”>

2 – Gorgeous panels and floor tiered back of the TV, are welcome to attend. The wall is the highlight of the conference rooms to watch tv, but I would advise you not to dare greatly in color and bookshelves with a lot of accessories so as not to draw attention to what we watch on tv.

3 – Colors – to make the environment more welcoming, the ideal thing is warm colours, such as brown, fendi, marine, and others. But, if you prefer, the color of the highlight, put it on the other wall for the TV show. On the wall behind a sofa can be a good choice.

salas de tv An integrated setting”>

4 – the Curtains and the carpet – they are more than welcome to join. So much for the comfort of your living room and to the room acoustics. The carpets are comfortable, with high ideals, and the curtain fabric is the most suitable. Whenever we have a blackout at the back.

5. The lighting should be well-thought-out and flexible enough for the needs of the environment, and ever since watching the movie up to have a chat with your friends and family. Ideally, they are lights, and indirect, which provide greater warmth and a light source that you can control the intensity with a dimmer. I love to make cortineiros with lighting for built-in. It is a bright room, when needed, and welcoming.

salas de tv Room are clean”.>

6 – sound systems, and video-also making a difference. There are so many options on the market that meet both from a design drawn up, with a qualified professional, to the home theater the most basic, yet powerful.


Ms. Latorre is a contributor to the Magazine, Viva, Decorating, and interior designer. Formed through the Center of the Nobel of the Arts, and is working since the year 2004. It has numerous residential and commercial projects, in which it combines the harmony and good taste for the functionality of the space.

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