Living room tv, you need to be in a place warm and inviting to spend our time enjoying each others good programs and good company. For all the times in the atmosphere will be put to good use there will be occasions in which we acquire new information, arising out of the program watched or even entretemos, and we spent our time in a way that is most pleasurable as possible.

- TV room The living room TV show: this is the place a cozy living Room for TV: a nice place to be “>

For this reason, in the living room of the TV, it is necessary first of all to the sofa for a good-quality, comfortable, and modern, for there is no more of an inconvenience than to watch some tv on the couch, which is not appropriate for the gym. Go for sofas and further expand, giving rise to a chaise longues, and it can accommodate you, lying sprawled out, preferably!), in addition to more than one person.

Invest in the comfort of your living room for the TV

The couches that they have adequate support for your head, do not let the column, the whole of the pie, they have a nice upholstery. The fabrics are pleasant to the touch, combined with the pads of sizes and thicknesses to suit any and all of their respective positions.

- TV room TV room: Invest in mobile confortáveisSala TV: Invest in comfortable furniture,”>

The rest of the furniture will also have to promote the comfort, such as small tables to the side and the central where we could, including in support of your feet, and objects that we can use when we’re in the living room with the TV. Carpets, soft, inviting to relaxation, and to add a special touch to your decor, but it needs to be easy to clean, and the amount of people milling about in the halls of the TV, it’s usually high relative to other rooms in the house.

- TV room Take care of the lighting in your living Room TVCuide the lighting of your Room from the TV show”>

Today, we have a wide variety of flat modern smart TVs that provide a lot of resources, and combined with the other pieces of electronic equipment, leaving them with super-interactive. A well-equipped kitchen design is a sought-after by the visitors of the house. It is worth it to invest in this offer and to receive friends and your family with comfort, and sophistication.

The other key point is to think about the lighting right. Choose the lighting is dim, the atmosphere is cozy, and is the main focus of attention will be on the tv. Use the crown, the sconces, the points of light are not as intense, positioned away (or even on the ground, which can give you very interesting). Use a dimmer to control the intensity of the light in the room. These are the questions of how to provide indirect lighting in the living room of the TV, as well as of direct mail, which sometimes may be necessary.

- TV room The living room TV show: Get your friends sofisticaçãoSala from the SHOW: Get your friends to sophisticated”>

Consider, further, in the use of a ” blackout curtain for your living-room with TV. When you watch a movie, or more long, it is very nice to have this feature because of the natural lighting, and is smeared, and you really feel like in a movie theater, in the dark, it’s ideal to keep him focused, and the attention completely focused on what to watch.

Trade in your living room for TV. The payoff is guaranteed in terms of leisure, moments, and relaxation.

Marina Arruda, is a contributor to the Magazine, the Living Decorating, interior designer, and graphic designer, with a background in a personal organizer. Master’s degree in Communication and Semiotics, and he carried out the research, which deals with the relationship between the subject and the object, and the body-mind-environment, relating to areas such as the design and perception.

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