Life is a race, the excess of work, lots of work. This fact, together with the technological solutions that can only be achieved through a good portion of the population, and that is leading to more and more people are investing in a home that is comfortable for your leisure-time. Living room tv, furnished, or in your home theater for many, it’s making the room more welcoming of the home.

Light up your room the tv, which is decorated correctly

the tv room is decorated

Space and comfort

Often, people give up investing in a intimate area, to focus on the social sector of your home. . And what do people want in the living room for a tv? The tv room is decorated has a role to play. It stands for the realization of the dreams of many families. Dream to have the comfort, fun, beauty, and sophistication, technology, and so on.

the tv room is decorated


The lighting in the room from the tv, which is decorated, so it must be planned with great care. To talk about the lighting, it is necessary to think of the decor. The lighting should be to grasp the concept is employed in the decoration of the house. If your tv room is decorated, is made up of furniture that are planned, to lighting, it can be designed to be secured. If this is the case, it is better to use a one-liner from the drywall, and take to fill the spots are well placed, and to contrast it with points, to give the light of the general. By taking advantage of the ceiling, you can abuse the use of it solutions for indirect lighting, such as crown moldings, and cornices, for example.

the tv room is decorated


The ceiling drywall in the living room of the tv, which is decorated, is very helpful and can be used also for the passage of the sound, and the pipe of the air-conditioning system, among other things. If you are a fan of technology, you also have the option for the procurement of a system, a home automation system. This means that you can control your tv, lighting, surround sound, plantation shutters, air-conditioning, etc. with a single command. The system is made-to-measure for each house, and the cost varies quite a lot, but now plans are in place as well that are accessible for anyone who is interested in to your room décor.

the tv room is decorated


However, if your tv room is furnished only with moving out, you must be one of those people who love to change the pieces in place. If that is the case, the lighting must be even more flexible, with the rails electric, which allow you to move the projector. Some of the models, the trail will allow for the adaptation of various types of lighting, such as pendants and plafons, too. To complete the model, a flexible lighting, the bet is also on the lamps column lamps.

In any case, the lighting is even more interesting if you let it separate circuits to create the different scenes in the tv room all decorated. In this way, you can control the lighting for each and every time. And always remember to have a professional serious for the verification of electrical installations prior to the start of the work.

Kathy White is a member of Live Panels, and an Architect of the Mosaic Lighting

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