Long gone are the days in which the bathroom it was a mere functional element in the house. In recent decades the bathroom has been transformed into a space that is attractive and peaceful, almost like a sanctuary in which to relax and pamper yourself.

Throughout the day we passed many times by the bathroom, on some occasions, we will spend a lot of time meeting with our routines of beauty, or simply seeking relaxation. For this reason, many have not hesitated to invest to make more attractive this space of the house.

Design Sponge and Manuel Rodríguez

Photo: Design Sponge / Manuel Rodriguez

First were the floors and floor coveringsthen came the health and countertops with designs and materials increasingly novel, a row of faucets and towel racks with shapes and colors never seen before, the furniture is also reinvented and now comes the turn of the decoration. Who has said that the bathroom did not have a personality?

When we reformed and designed our bathroom we tend to focus on the choice of tiles, flooring, healthcare quality, a good towel racks and accessories, the lighting or furniture with sufficient storage. But, what about the decoration?

Simon Watson and House Vogue Portugal

Photo: Simon Watson / Casa Vogue Portugal

Some people think, mistakenly, that the decor is reserved to other spaces of the house such as the living room or the bedroom, but the bathroom is undoubtedly one of the areas where more time is spent throughout the day and also partner with the disconnection. And if we talk of art, many or passing them by the head an element of art, whether paintings, murals or sculptures in this room.

It is shown that the presence of art in house encourages creativity, inspiration and concentration. In addition, the art contributes to revamp the style and personality of a space. Homes with a good selection of art are more sophisticated and elegant.

Project Kara Mann

Project: Kara Mann

Currently it is possible to find art adapted to all tastes and budgets. This, along with the proliferation of galleries of affordable art and the online sale, have facilitated the access of the majority paintings, photographs and all kinds of artistic representations. It has democratized the access to art.

The art out of the museums and art galleries and enters our homes, providing even more character and style. Did it first in the common spaces, with more presence in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, and now begins to clothe the walls of rooms that are more functional, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


Photo: Ashbourne

After you decide the type and color of the tiles, the model of toilets and faucets, to look for furniture with storage and fit in style… and what’s with the walls? If you are one of those people that invest in art, why not dress up the walls with boxes?

As in other rooms of the house, the bathroom has a role, but it must not renounce to your style. Whether you’re looking for a more minimalist or if you’re a lover of the classic, most ornate, art can help you to print character to this space.


Photo: ABK’s

One aspect that we must take into account if we want to hang art on the walls of our bathroom is protect from moisture that is produced by the fumes of the hot water. To do this, we can use frames watertight protected with glass that will act as a chamber of air to keep you dry and insulated paper or fabric.

Art has many forms, in this case we will focus only on the boxes, as it is the most widespread. In this universe we find oil paintings, drawings, lithographs, photographs, cool, prints and a thousand of different techniques. It is impossible not to find something that defines our style.


Photo: Haneens-Haven

Another alternative is a drawings on tiles, which we can customize with the artist. Many choose to create large murals on the tile and put them on one of the walls more visible to the bathroom, as the shower or bathtub. This is arguably the art form that is least will suffer the consequences of the humidity of the bathroom.

Farrowball and Matthew Williams

Photos: Farrowball / Matthew Williams

Trends in art for the walls of the bathroom pass from currents minimalist: line art, geometric figures, abstract stains… the classicism baroque and ornate, with walls filled with works of different kinds. Here we can play in creating compositions of the most varied.

Carmel Greer

Project: Carmel Greer. Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

The photography it is without a doubt the most used in recent years to decorate the walls of our bathroom. Brings originality and sophistication, whether in black-and-white or full-color. The most acclaimed are the images of inspiration summer or the black and white photos.

Project of José Arroyo

Project of José Arroyo

The wallpaper it is one of the last elements to be part of this art collection for the bath. The appearance of materials more resistant to the passage of time and humidity, has led to its use in this space of the house. In this way, we can create murals art with a low budget, giving prominence to one of the walls of the bathroom.


Photo: Steven Chee

The illustration another alternative art, the more weight is picking up in the last decade. It is the art form more accessible and gives a lot of play when combined with photographs or figurative art. The possibilities are endless.

Katie Ellison

Photo: Katie Ellison

What are you waiting for to incorporate art on the walls of your bathroom?

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