Combine colors and patterns like no one else, and exudes charm in every gesture. So much so, that the Queen of England, Isabel II, the appointed years ago, Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his “service to the interior design”. More than an interview, a lecture.

How developed the concept of Designers Guild?

Our story began in 1970, in a small corner of King’s Road, where our flagship store remains today. Then I worked as an interior designer and I felt limited creatively by the fabrics I had at my disposal. It was my first trip to India when the inspiration that was inside took shape, and I found myself designing my first collection of fabrics and wallpaper, arising from the review of the traditional printed patterns indian (in a vision to be more fresh, clean and contemporary). I felt that this decorative style was to develop a way of life –a concept that had very little meaning to the early seventies– and tapicé sofas, made cushions, accessories pottery, and selected antique furniture. There began the story of the Designers Guild.

And what is its role in the company today?

I am creative director: I am involved in both the development of products, as of the photography and the department of retail. Designers Guild is my passionI live, to breath… and the truth is that no day is the same as the previous one. Means absolutely everything to me; it is my way of life. Speaking of passion for design…

How would you describe your ideal interior?

I am attracted to the clean architectural lines and a crisp and elegant proportions that set a modern twist. Concrete floors, also: it provides an essential quality, almost monastic, a space, which, along with natural light that should inundarlo, exemplify the quintessence of the design for me. The color, shapes and textures, motifs and finishes are also fundamental elements, and my style can be summed up in an eclectic mix of contemporary furnishings and vintage fabrics smooth and patterned, and antique carpets recovered.

After so many collections, what inspiration continues without fail?

I have always believed that travel is the best way of inspiration. I never stopped to think about the next collection, and experiencing different cultures, different landscapes, different ways of life, with the senses alert is, in my opinion, the greatest stimulus that one can receive.

How it is considered as the creator?

My goal is to be original, innovative, and always contemporary in everything that I do. And my strong they are, the color, the motifs and designs.

What can you tell us about your latest collection?

For Spring 2020, we have focused on presenting a vision redefined the nature; printed fabrics that held the flowers, magnolias painted in a style very contemporary peonies abstract embroidered. We have added complex geometries and glamorous, versatile wallpaper with texture and four new references of fabrics smooth basic to bring balance to the floral motifs. Imagined every tone, all organic: a sepia earthy, birch or hemp, to celadon, the emerald and topaz with touches of azalea and turmeric.

What’s a tip to getting an interior shine?

Instead of rushing to changes very ambitious, to raise the space seasonally, paying close attention to the decorative elements smaller: cushions, blankets, rugs, as well as ceramics and glassware –that I collected avidly– that can be easily rotated to adapt to each season.




Whether native species or eastern influence, the real stars of the latest collection of Designers Guild.

Geometries glamorous


Geometries glamorous

The second element with which to play the collection.




Four smooth basic in the new book, to bring balance.

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