Approaching the dates most endearing and family of the year and, after the season that we have, that we wonder how we will be able to raise them and to live them. Without a doubt, will be a few days exceptional, as the situation that we’re playing live, but it will be less special. The ‘new normal’ has led to the emergence of new paradigms that, far from leading us to surrender, we invite you to make new wishes and teach us different ways to enjoy. So christmas, but with fewer diners at our table, there will be ‘as always’. Yes, the gel, the mask and the distance will be more than welcome at all parties.

The gel, the mask and the distance will be more than welcome during all the festivities

During the last few months, we have renewed our vows with our home, we love you more than ever and we do so because we have discovered all their flaws and virtues. So, as soon as you can, get to work solving some and strengthening others. Fix it, give it the shine it deserves, and treat yourself to small corners for you. Make it in the house-home office (if you work temporarily in it); the design of the living room for all to see: a shared space where each family member can have their space; give a new air to the balcony or the terrace; and don’t forget your space Instagram: ¡lights, camera and action! It will become an area vital to promote your work, make direct or present yourself to the world.

The blue note christmas

Photo of Maisons du Monde

Deco Christmas in trend

Fashion is the first step to understanding the trends deco, also for christmas. So seeing the colors of the season it is clear that christmas is also going to live his blue note (mauve, lilac, lapis lazuli…): use it in balls for the tree, flowers for the table and any plug-in. The pink is not far behindwith elegant proposals and with a certain note, female: what we’ll see in tableware, details of christmas for the entire house and will be combined especially with gold (the bling bling live your best time in the feast), the combined white-black, a binomial success: ideal for tables sophisticated and ceramic details.

At the time of dressing the tree, look by artisan details, or with a hand finished. Take the pieces that recover the essence of the nature: woods, no dyes or colors, perfect on that line of design is so necessary that bet tirelessly for sustainability. The glass details are the order of the day and dress it up with shades of the classics of christmas, those who never fail: green and red.

Decorate every room of the house and forget about the christmas in the living room. The tree, the fireplace and the noble area of the house, add up the other rooms of the house. If you’re a Xmas adict, be careful with the decoration, try not to reload or be too loud. Look for add-ins crystal clear with a note golden, leaves the bulk of christmas to the tree or a floral arrangement for the table: triumph of the proposals of dried flowers in shades of roses installed as ceiling lamp. And cheer with the crown for the door entrance to the house, some snowmen, polar bears, strategically placed; crowns, moss, natural branches, and candles for the table; red stars on the walls, vinyl removable for children’s spaces, to the kitchen or the foyer, garlands of lights (such as guides), and candles (lot of candles).

A christmas for every style




Prevail shades of red and white, wood, natural, untreated, and the textiles of long hair or finish shearling.




Bet plug-ins in the green and natural woods. Also dark colors that provide contrast to the cold outside temperatures. Here, the fireplace is the center on which turns the universe deco.

Photo of Westwing




Silvers and golds are the protagonists. Always in balance with mats (textile) and with shades of green, red and blue.

Photo of Westwing




You opt for the colors in trend: pink and blue. It is fresh, current, and easy. It nourishes special details, like the facts to base, feathers and flowers.

Photo of The Mallorcan




Christmas always, your childhood, the details of extra shiny with espumillones, finished in gold and always endearing.

Photo Very much.

Whatever your style, we hope that these are a great holiday. We will celebrate at your side.

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