It is about the week scariest of the year. The date of the fiction, the legends, the moment in which the stores are filled with colors such as orange, of objects such as pumpkin and animals that, like the bat, find your moment of maximum splendor during Halloween. And this year, would not be less. At least in terms of the decoration that we can integrate in our home. Yes, we will go a step further. Did you know that the garage can become the best scenario for the famous trick or treat?

So it is. The garage is no longer a simple place in which to park vehicles. It’s time to move on to the action. In addition, with the inheritance that comes to us from the united States, where this feast is celebrated by all great, we can only be to the height and to convert our garage in the most original, terrifying, and extravagant of the area.

You may be wondering: “where do I start?”. Transform your garage door in the most creepy cave Halloween requires certain preparamientos. Before you get to decorate it, which can also be an ideal time to spend with family, you should think about what will be the design that you will take. We love that are eye-catching, the riot of color, those from a simple glance in the street, can land up to the older. There are many designs today we will discover for you to inspire you. ¿Te animas?

To get started, you should bear in mind that, as it is a decoration of the outdoor, it is better not to do it on very thin paper as if the rain was going to ruin in a few minutes. For example, among the most used materials in order to make figures, faces, teeth, mouths, huge or even the crows, is the black fabric or colors and felt. To attach them to the door of the garage you can use duct tape.

As simple as that. Although you will need to take into account the measures that you put. We also recommend that you print out a few patterns with the shapes that you want to decorate and then wrap yourself up in fabric or felt. Here are some patterns of each of the figures, only you have to enlarge according to the size of your doors, and print them. With molds made only you will be traspasarlos to the felt, cut and decorate!

In addition to this method, today we show you other ways fun and easy to decorate the door of your garage. Especially if you are a true lover of this feast marked by the fear and the small scares. In addition to the costumes, the candy and the pumpkin, don’t forget to decorate the garage can be one of the major sources of attraction for those who walk along it to your house.

Then, a series ideas to decorate the door of your garage as a true film in which the color orange and the black to cover it all. ‘ll find everything from decorations simple and simple to much more elaborate where every detail counts. Even the lighting!

A denture terrifying


A denture terrifying

This garage door attracts attention with its black and white design also, because the background is so dark, it helps to enhance the teeth of this figure is terrifying. Do you get an idea of how to put hands to the work? Just need a long black cloth, and the tusks can make them with felt or eva rubber.

Image taken from

A landscape of film


A landscape of film

We really like this idea for its ease and the effects that it creates in those who observe it. It is one of the most simple to do. Need some patterns to create your own bats, in addition to other elements such as the fence, that you can do with a large amount of black felt. Details that will make the difference in this landscape of film.

Image taken from Guide to Crafts.

It leverages the depth of your garage to surprise your neighbors


It leverages the depth of your garage to surprise your neighbors

A perfect idea for Halloween is to use the depth of the garage as if it were a mouth giant that opens and closes. Decorate the edges with teeth and put some eyes terrifying above. Do you think someone will want to enter now in your garage?

Image taken from Rolloid.

Takes care of every detail with lighting


Takes care of every detail with lighting

To get to do this garage door, all you need is some cardboard, paint black, and one or two strips of LED lights orange. If you have time and you’re interested in that the result is much more professional, you can also work on wood, plywood.

Draw the silhouette of the scene to the right size on the cardboard or wood. You will then need to cut it out, paint it black, and hold it over the garage door. Leave a space between the door and the silhouette is trimmed and placed there by the LED strip lights. When it’s dark you turn on the light, and ready to scare!

Image taken from Instructables.

Places silhouettes terrifying


Places silhouettes terrifying

Finally, we’ll leave you with this terrifying smile in the form of a skull, which stands out for its simplicity. So you’ll just have to make the eyes and the smile on felt and then glue them with electrical tape so that they stay there seeing it all during the long night of Halloween.

Image taken from Decorating Ideas

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