After months of confinement, the telework has come into our lives to stay. The companies have had no choice but to adapt to this new way of working, with more or less success, and the employees have had to mount the home office against the clock.

It is proven that telecommuting brings together many advantagesboth the companies as well as employees. Facilitates the reconciliation of family and professional, reduces costs to the companies, it increases the productivity of the employees, allows for greater flexibility, etc

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Despite all these advantages, the majority of which teletrabajan from their houses, do not have a workspace that is optimal for the development of its activity, and that in the long run, it passes bill. Between most common problems: the personal and professional are confused by not having the appropriate space, growing sedentary lifestyle, given the disruptions continued, especially in homes with children, lack of concentration or problems to disconnect.

For that reason, today we’re going to help you with a series of tips, to create the atmosphere of perfect work following the advice of the experts in interior design and human resources:

The Space


The Space

It is ideal to have a room or space especially dedicated to the job, but most of us live in houses with limited space and we have to adapt to the new circumstances.

The living room, tends to be the most suitable choice of the house to install a working corner. To adapt, it is essential to carefully separate the seating area from the work area and seek an corner, as small as it is, for this purpose.

Many times, a small table attached to a wall can resolvernos the ballot, other, is the dining table that transforms into a makeshift studio. If this option is not available, the kitchen island is another alternative, very handy, if we have a stool right, or as a last resort, a corner of our bedroom.

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The lighting is, without a doubt, the key element to be taken into account in the choice of work space. Attempts to put the table as close as possible to a light source, natural or artificial, that put the focus on our area of work. This must be a neutral white light that helps the concentration.

On the other hand, experts recommend having a ambient light more warm that facilitates relaxation. In summary, you need to combine two types of lighting focused on the work space (type lamp desktop or flexo) and another, more straight down. The goal is to avoid unnecessary shadows.

Photos: wiesoeigentlichnicht blog / Riikka Kantinkoski for Finnish Design Shop

The table


The table

Another important elections that we have to take into account when creating our area of work is the table. Size doesn’t matter, but if the height. The standard tables are usually designed for tall people, so that we can choose to look a few feet to our measure, or use a footrest.

The experts suggest that the best way to a good realization of our work ranges between 73 and 75 centimeters. We suggest a measure that would allow you to maintain proper posture with a straight back and legs in L.

Important information: the dining tables usually have a different measure to the desktop, keep this in mind before it is too late for your back.

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The seat


The seat

If we spent many hours sitting in front of the computer, we should have a chair as comfortable and functional as possible. The ergonomic chairs they have been designed to adatarse to our character, and therefore, are the most appropriate to keep the back straight, forming a 90 degree angle.

If not you are going to ergonomic chairs or not it is possible to install it in your usual site of work, we can replace it with any comfortable chair, the more our style, but it fits the shape of the back and to allow us to keep it upright.

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Everything in order


Everything in order

The order directly affects our concentration. Keep your space of work as clear as possible, and with the essential elements to the view. Looking for a space close to save the things you don’t need in boxes, drawers, or furniture storage.

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Although secondary, the color is another of the elements that can affect, both positively and negatively, the development of our work. Bet neutral colors, and calm that might give you that relaxation or encourage your creativity. It is advisable that the table is of a light colour, white, or wood.

Photo: the ultra linx / Adeline Pithois-Guillou

Plants and decoration


Plants and decoration

It is a workspace, it does not mean that we should not decorate it. What is more, it is advisable to have elements that inspire us to awaken our creativity, or that we calm down. The plants and flowersbring a lot of life to any space, but also to the work area.

The candles, photos, illustrations… also, are the decorative elements that can be part of this space.

Photography: Monica Wang

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