Christmas is coming, the illusion and the need to share space and company with our loved ones. And, although this year is marked by the restrictions result of the Covid-19, we do not want to lose sight of the calm and harmony that you can get through the decoration of your home. Yes, even at Christmas! That is why today we want to share with you the keys to apply Feng Shui in the christmas decoration. A way of filling the home of good energy to begin the 2021 with force. Do you dare to try it?

There are many tips Feng Shui to reconnect with the energy of your home. In all of them premium, the idea of balancing the weaknesses of the home. Look for the harmony in the space, decorate consciously, trying to get every element of your home you transmit peace and serenity. When we see a house marked by such light colours and white, where everything is in a natural order, feel all of its energy. We enter the urge to lie down on his couch, looking out the window… where the pleasure is always served.

And Christmas would not be less. An ideal time for introspection, especially this year which we have learned to take care of our homes also translates to our well-being. Now, why commit to Feng Shui in the christmas decoration? We arrived in December with the backpack full of experiences and memories. But the interesting part of this philosophy, which we can now combine with a decoration, is the opportunity it offers us to leave behind anything that no longer want to.

“The Feng Shui talks about the flow of energy and the constant change. Christmas is a good time to release everything that no longer want in our lives and look to the future”

It is time to decorate from consciousness. Choose what and where to put it, taking advantage of all the energy of renewal that a new year can bring. So don’t think twice, get rid of those items that you no longer use, and bet on the color, and the warmth of Christmas.

But why do we care so much for Feng Shui? According to Astrid Left, an expert in Feng Shui and soul of Synchrony Comprehensive, “the rise is due to the opening of awareness that we live globally on issues related to the well-being and health,” and continues by stating that, “we want to feel comfortable and happy in our homes and places of work; have a better quality of life and energy, because we have learned that when we take care of our space, we take care of ourselves”

The color and the elements of Feng Shui in your home

If there is something that stands out in a house is the color of your walls and furniture, in addition to the decorations that accompanies the rooms. That’s why, the christmas decorations and, of face to the new year, don’t lose sight of the significance of the colors. The red, gold and greenas typical Christmas have an effect on our psychology very particular. Oh you are right away!

Explore this gallery of images with tips to apply Feng Shui at Christmas time in your home. In addition to a palette of colors suitable, don’t lose sight of the five elements of Feng Shui: water, fire, metal, earth and wood. Of these, there are three during the holiday season they are very much present in homes. This is the fext, wood and metal.

Decorate in red


Decorate in red

Each color conveys a different emotion. And this Christmas, as dictated by tradition, can’t miss red and the whole range of garnets, terra cotta and purple.

Try to include these colors in your home and discover the power of the Fire element, the great catalyst and activator of the energy of love and abundance, according to the teaching of Feng Shui.

The light of the golden


The light of the golden

In addition to the red, there is another color indispensable in Christmas and New Year. This is the golden. A color that corresponds to the Metal element, which activates the energy of prosperity and brings light in the achievement of our goals. What a start to shine!

Bet on the green


Bet on the green

Green. Green hope. ¡Green christmas! From the mistletoe to the Christmas tree, floods your home with this color that corresponds to the Wood element, whose presence activates the energy of health, according to the philosophy of Feng Shui.

The fire element connects us with our essence


The fire element connects us with our essence

I continue with the keys based on the harmony Feng Shui! Let’s take a step further in the element of fire. This, it is able to connect with our essence, where lies the true love. It is No coincidence that attract us to look at the fire or the flame of a candle. This time allows us to connect with the present, the here and the now.

You can get that connection with the now through the red, but also decorating your home with candles, garlands of light and lamps. ¡Typical christmas!

Wood: the great balancer


Wood: the great balancer

We love mature and her naturalness. Especially because, according to this philosophy, the wood element is the great balancer and its energy is found in trees, plants and flowers. Christmas is a good time to include it decorating it with mistletoe, poinsettias, garlands and wreaths green.

“The presence of the Christmas tree during these days activates the energy of our home, that’s why we’re so happy to see him, because his energy transmits to us illusion, hope, and connects us with 3 universal values: prosperity, health and love,” explains Astrid Left, an expert in Feng Shui and soul of Synchrony Integral.

The metal and forms spherical connect us with the purity


The metal and forms spherical connect us with the purity

The last element of the 5 that make up the Feng Shui, which today we refer for their association with Christmas, it is the metal. The spherical shapes us to connect with the purity and the accomplishments you want to achieve.

You can add this element in the decoration of your home by incorporating christmas balls in gold, silver or copper. It depends on the power you want to transmit to your home.

Decorate the staircase with garlands and lights


Decorate the staircase with garlands and lights

Beyond colors and elements, we want to remind you another key to achieve harmony in your home. This Christmas, if you have a staircase at home, take advantage of these holidays to decorate with a garland of lights, flowers or simply with green leaves.

Sure that you bring an extra dose of energy and renewal, as explained by the expert in Feng Shui, “it will help to regulate the leakage energy generated by the passage areas and narrow slope”. Yes, after the festivities, you can ask yourself to leave the decor that you’ve created if you see that it is timeless and charismatic.

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Tips to apply Feng Shui in the christmas decoration

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