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To make your house a more complete, well-furnished with elegance and refinement, there’s nothing better than using chandeliers or pendants.

Modern, large, small, classic, simple, and framed. No matter what the model, and size of these tiles have the power to bring a charm to the environment, as well as to produce an impression.


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In general, the trade-off between these pieces, chandeliers and pendants, is that the light has more light bulbs, put on its branches (edges), which results in the lighting and wide-ranging. On the slopes, you have less light, a lighting, a more direct and focused).

At the time, the main thing is to check that the dimensions of the lamp, so as to fit in the space in which it will be installed, and to avoid environments with the small end up with chandeliers and large, which results in the sense of a reduction of the space. Another tip is to ensure that this item contains a lot of plastic parts, and the socket is made of plastic. And finally, take note of the weight of the attachment system.

How exquisite are the parts of a lighting developed with a lot of details, it is better to use them in the living room, and dining halls. In the living room and in the halls, and the pendants are also great to be placed on the desks to the side or in the corner of the wall.

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In the dining area, search for a template, in the same format as table,or you may, if he / she is a round and light, with a round piece. The recommended distance between the lamp and the table is from 75 to 95 cm, reminding you that when you get closer to the table, creating a more intimate feel.

The use of mirrors placed strategically in a way that truly reflects his light, ensures a better use of it.

In the room, look for lamps that will leave you and the environment in the dim light, bringing out more of my pending on the tables, and created the story.

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In the kitchen, try to avoid the use of the crystal, with a lot of detail, it’s the fat from the food, you will quickly soak in it, making it dirty, making the cleaning and upkeep. In this environment you prefer, the outstanding flat. As for the service, the recommendation is to not use this type of play, because they can disrupt the routine of day-to-day.

Always keep in mind to take into account the role of the environment for which the decoration will not get the simplicity of the space.

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