Painting our home is a way to innovate and rejuvenate it. It is a process that has several stages. The first, choosing the color, since it is a very important factor when we seek to give a profile and a specific style to the room, and the following stages are all the steps to follow in the painting process. And so we will be able to give the room personality. We will give you some painting tips that can help you.

Tips for painting

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Trendy colors

Like all fashions, year after year they are renewed, bringing a new wave of trends behind them, which allow us to change and give the rooms a renewed look. On this occasion, we will share some colors that are currently in fashion, so you can choose a color of your liking. Another of the tips for painting that we recommend is that although it is good to be guided by fashions, never forget that the really important thing is that the colors you choose you like, regardless of trends.

Keep in mind that the best time to paint the house is the period from spring to summer, due to the fact that high temperatures will make it easier for us to work in less time, with less probability of damp on the walls and of course for the simple fact that we will have more time for the paint to set.

Bright colors

And we already found some fantastic color palettes. The first, very fresh, betting on the range of light blue and turquoise, with subtle accents in wood and darker blue; generally combined with white.


Why not decorate the house in such a way that it seems that summer does not end? The best way to try to have a permanent summer at home is through colors. These colors are perfect if we know how to use them in the right rooms. They give us light and help us find warmth in the rooms on the coldest days of the year.

Blue is a color that does not go out of style and reminds us of the sea. So you can apply a navy blue on some walls of the house. Be careful, we have written walls, not complete rooms, because if we do it it will seem that the room gets smaller.


Another color that helps us with this is orange. We have already talked in other articles about the color orange and its benefits on moods and it is also the color of summer par excellence. In the same way as with blue, some walls of the house can be painted without problem, although if the orange is not very strong, then the entire room can be painted.

Lime green is another summer color that is very fashionable.


Below we see two options, one in blue and one in red, which are intended to generate a strong impact on the person, who can feel the energy of the combinations and above all, who can revitalize it.

The best place to try the new color combinations is in the patterns on the cushions. Here we see an example of this, where bright colors have been placed.

Of course, if you are going to paint the corridors, you cannot leave out the possibilities of cream yellow or duckling, or any of the similar tones. It is a tender, bright color and gives any place a cozy, warm and beautiful atmosphere.

Retro mixes

Another option, with a retro style, mix lilacs, pinks, yellow, olive green, soft light blue, dark wood and some other tonality, achieving a fantastic result.

For bedrooms, such powerful colors are not advisable, but if you still want to give yours a summer air, you could opt for this salmon tint accompanied by blues and whites, or focus on an intermediate green tone, accompanied by an aged tangerine.

Gray or black walls

For girls, this will be a good option, with a bedroom wall in black, to then display the intensity of pink and white, hand in hand with many other secondary colors, to achieve contrast.

If you are looking for a glamorous bedroom, you don’t have to think twice; lean towards the range of grays. Among them, metallics, such as silver and titanium, are very fashionable, while purple is the main complement, along with black, to add a variation.


Pastel colors

Of course, you could also opt for an option for the bathroom in softer or more muted tones, since many times more relaxing and not so electric environments are preferred.

Pastel colors can never be lacking and it is good to note that the walls should not necessarily be painted with them, but that many times, the covers of a book, or the wrapping of a tea envelope, are already enough, to complement the overall image. .


If you are a nature lover, the ideal color combination for you is brown (in its different ranges), green, nude, purple and white. This fusion generates a balanced and harmonious atmosphere.

One of the most used combinations in living rooms, at this time, is that of dark wood floors, white walls, soft cream furniture, dark wood table and to encompass everything, an abstract painting, full of color.

Painting tips: Decorative painting

Decorative painting allows us to embellish the elements with different painting techniques and materials. It is applied in architecture for decoration of buildings both exterior and interior, and also in decoration elements and furniture. We can talk about a jug to a closet, dressers, chiffoniers, even lampshades, from a small to a large surface. There are a multitude of different techniques. It is about beautifying the elements that surround us.

Decorative painting is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to transform any room in the house. Stencils and textured finishes offer the possibility of turning an impersonal environment into unique atmospheres, full of personality.

We can use geometric motifs, such as stripes, circles, to give an informal or sober touch. If you opt for a more casual touch, one idea is to bet on calligraphic motifs, with letters, phrases, flowers, butterflies, human silhouettes. For example, in a children’s room, to make it happy we can place fairies, gnomes, mermaids and fill it with fantasies.

We also find trompe l’oeil, which provide a classic and elegant solution. As the word says, they create a trap for the eye and create the illusion that the painted landscapes are real, and that allows us to gain a sense of spatial depth.

Paint in two colors

The color we choose to paint a room is very important, as it is the basis to start decorating a room. Once we choose the colors we can begin to combine the furniture and decorative accessories with the main color of the room.

As time passes, we are more encouraged to choose original colors to paint our home and that is why color technology has evolved rapidly, offering us a very wide variety of tones and colors. A trend in interior design that has become very popular is painting a room combining two colors. It is a perfect technique to achieve a very noticeable contrast in a room.

One way to achieve a successful decoration using two colors on the walls of a room is that the color of the furniture contrasts with that of the walls.

Opposite colors

If what you are looking for is to generate a striking and striking decoration, a great option is to choose the decoration with opposite colors. This trend is getting more and more. It is a modern, original and safe technique, since each color has its opposite and that guarantees that the combination is successful, generating a strong and tasteful contrast.

The opposite colors are: yellow with purple, blue with orange, and green with red. These are the opposite and complementary colors, which in addition to generating a good contrast in the decoration, add a lot of color and personality. To inspire you, here are ideas for decorating with opposite colors.

What does each color express to us

Purple color

The color purple is a color that many of us love because we associate it with romanticism in many cases, but in excess, it is also a color that is related to sadness and nostalgia. In addition, it is also a color that is considered frivolous in very strong tones.

The color green

Freshness and peace are the characteristics that accompany this color. It is a very reassuring color, which is also perfect for rooms in which children have a lot of contact.

If many visitors are received in the living room, it is a perfect color for this place, since it gives a lot of calm.

White color

This color is very rare and variant. Some people may see it as a very calm and pure color that helps any room to appear much larger by providing it with luminosity, but it is also true that it can be a color that confuses us a bit, so it is recommended that it be mixed with Other colors.

What color to choose

As you have seen, there are many colors that you can choose to paint. You must choose the one that best suits what you are looking for in the room. For example, if you want a bright room, you should choose warm and bright colors, which keep the room light. Keep in mind that not only the walls can be painted to change the style of a room, but also the doors, windows and furniture. Here we list a series of articles, where you can find more tips for painting:

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