The personality and style of living is essential to define the decor of the environment, the most important part of a house: the living room. It is the business card of the residents, since they receive friends and family, showing a little bit of how we live and what we love. The living-room must be a pleasant place to spend an airy, comfortable, and above all, functional. For this reason, some tips for decorating the living room that are important to you.

Here are some tips for decorating living room

The first step is to think about a lot as well in the distribution and the size of the furniture. So be careful, everything has to be proportional to and in harmony. The walls are also a part of your decoration, and you can get wallpapers, fabrics, adhesives, decorative, paint and color without any of the patterns, and colors in all of them. Select one of the main feature. These are the first tips for decorating the room.


Tips for decorating living room-with respect to the sofa, they are: neutral Colors are easy to coordinate with pillows and blankets. Prioritize your models are comfortable, and the style of the decoration. The most righteous is the most clean and rounded up to the classics, but we do not need to hold as much of the details in contemporary environments, where the mixture is well-dosed hits the spot.

6674-living-room-living-santana-cindy-latorre-living-decorating tips-for-decorating living room There is a sofa that is suitable for each espaçoHá the sofa is right for your space>


A side table can not miss, even if it is for the models fitted to the arm of the couch for support, for your drinks or appetizers. A stack of magazines, performing the function of a table, with a beautiful light fixture supported by or suspended from the ceiling, arrange the flowers, the books, and picture frame. Nothing in excess.

6834-living-room-living-room-health- - - - i-lucie-latorre-living-decorating tips-for-decorating living room Coffee table that will bring out elegance and sophistication to any ambienteMesas from the center, bring the elegance and sophistication of the environment”>

Already have the table in the center, you enter these tips for decorating the living room, since it’s not always there is a space for you to fit it in, but once it is up it is charming and well-decorated. It can be made of wood, white and glass. You simply put a few books, such as flowers or candles, it will always measuring out the colors and type of material, and any accessories.


The seats can dare in prints, stripes, and colors for a more strong, to be in line with the details in the decor, giving life to the environment. All the seats or benches in a small space-can replace them, and to be daring in color as well.

6852-living-room-living-room-health- - - - i-lucie-latorre-viva-decora Invest in a chair that matches vocêInvista on the couch that fits you”>


On the small room, and the right foot in the bottom, it is necessary to take care of all the bookshelves because they are polluting the environment. The clippers are very welcome. It is close to the dining table or on the back of the couch. Beneath it lies on putting the puffs boxes and decorating gardens and colorful to basket fallen in with the foliage.

13521-space-business-office-in-law-ryan-latorre-viva-decora Sideboards are classy, and usuaisAparadores here are stylish and unusual”>


These designs are the latest to be added to the environment. The pillow can be color patterns, the quilts in color, everything is harmonious, and the thinking of the whole set of the body’s tissues. The carpets are comfortable with neutral colors it is a position of risk, but if the room is very neutral, the rugs, patterned, striped, but with a clear background. The curtains, as well as welcome you to take home.

6614-living-room-of-being-able-health-lucie-latorre-viva-decora All the details are in the ambienteOs the details are for the environment”>

To the end of the tips in order to decorate the living room, the lighting in the room you can’t keep in mind you should be aware of at the time of the reformation. They are embedded in the crown, and the tears of the of plaster, or when you don’t like to put the plaster layers. Taking into account the distribution of the cabinets to give several options and effects to the scenarios of lights for every occasion, making it environment-friendly.


Ms. Latorre is a contributor to the Magazine, Viva, Decorating, and interior designer. Formed through the Center of the Nobel of the Arts, and is working since the year 2004. It has numerous residential and commercial projects, in which it combines the harmony and good taste for the functionality of the space.

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Tips for decorating living room-with the convenience and care

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