The kitchen and the bathroom could have another life with a touch of colour and joy with a coating of floors and walls from tiles. Resistant to moisture and preservers of the walls of splashing, also mark a trend decorative that makes the difference. Life, light, personality and style in the same space, in which it is possible to combine more than one model to play with geometrical combinations and different hues.

The simplicity and classicism of the tiles of underground type to the most modern and current hydraulic, any option will be given to you by your durability and, above all, because easy cleaning in terms of speed and comfort. There is a great variety of models, so you can choose the one that suits and go further to match with the space. The tiles, also noteworthy for its resistance, make the routine more practice.

Combinations of tiles

If it is the soil, we can be more creative and to differentiate the areas of the room with different models. So, we will get a beautiful and highlight visual effect that will separate spaces brings originality. Although we must not overload the space by really loving that we are of the tiles. The game should be between a floor or wall of this type in combination with shades of neutral. You know the saying, “less is more”.

How do you choose them?

Each type of tile is formulated on the basis of the characteristics and specific functions. Your composition may be glazed or not, and in addition developed from a type of cooking or the other. If you are not glazed, will be provided by a mono cooking, but if they are will have been prepared with a layer of glass-like to go through the oven. For its base, is made from particles or granules very fine and homogeneous of majolica.

The coatings are usually patterned with floral or geometric prints, to single or multi-color or with the effect of marbling. And the shapes of the tiles are usually square and rectangular because it is more easily adapted to the space and, in addition, its installation is more practical. However, there are also of hexagonal or octagonal which stand out for their uniqueness.

A bet for nature

The tiles fish scale or skin of dragon return with its essence of Art Nouveau and modernism, to be imposed before the current trends. The feature connection with the nature takes the leading role in the floors and bathrooms to transport us to the sea, the calm and the peace.

The porcelain stoneware

The tiles pressed in dry work very well in any place for your presence and naturalness thanks to an elaboration from natural materials such as wood. Fit to stay and give it a different touch without creating too much contrast.

The tiles type metro

It is a bet classic that part of the year 1904 and continues to be one of the most used by your simplicity at the same time elegance. It is a type of tiles present, especially in the bathrooms. And to choose the hues that accompany the tiles, the white and the black are often in the spotlight because of the contrast they provide in combination with the underground style.

Combination of tiles, with neutral tones


Combination of tiles, with neutral tones

Presence and style in the living room


Presence and style in the living room

Creativity and originality


Creativity and originality

Separating open spaces


Separating open spaces

Tiles classic underground type


Tiles classic underground type

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