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One of the solutions that we, today, to zoom in to the apartment with a balcony, it’s the closing of all, the balcony, the glass and the levelling of the floor.

Here are some of the benefits of window glass to the full

At the close of the balcony with a glass, you bring style, modernity and comfort in the apartment. In the majority of cases, this is an extension of your living room and is used for relaxation, a home theater or restaurant, that takes advantage of the terraces with a barbecue area.

After all, the people who choose an apartment with a balcony has already imagine all the things that will happen to you in there, and it is for this reason that people tend to take advantage of every inch of your apartment. The good thing of this system, from the balconies closed with glass, it is even forbidden, although it can also be used as a French balcony, in the hot summer days, you can use the open-back to a “juliet” balcony. The beautiful glass window of a complete, all the apartments in the most high, has a good view.


The design for Marília Veiga

The glasses can be in a range of styles but particularly the one I like the most is the european system, which allows the complete opening-up of the range, allowing for natural ventilation, and adaptable to all kinds of terraces, it has a twist of 90 degrees, which can be held in one of the corners, in a relatively small area compared to the area that you have won when you choose this type of fence. All of them have a lock, it is very recommended and is always a well-sealed, so you won’t be hearing the noise from the street. For those who have children in the house, and you can put it back in the glass, a crate or something like that, because despite the fact that the door locks, there is always the risk, and to be a window glass in a full, that it starts to close to the ground, the curiosity of a child is always greater than.

It is recommended to put a curtain next to the glass window, to be able to do that, the space is very versatile and don’t let the sun in when you’re watching tv in the living room, or playing a game, something so subtle, so that it does not take away from the charm of the glass, which I think is awesome.

the balcony, window, glass,The design for the Piece from Memory, and Paulo Teixeira

On the higher floors, have a big problem with the speed of wind, so to provide better security to the locals, it is recommended to use glass with a thickness of 8 in. or 10 mm, and preferably in the laminate (the one who has a film that was built to prevent the glass estilhace when it breaks down), and the glass window is beautiful.

Don’t forget to refer to the laws, and the building of the city and, in some cases, it is forbidden to do so.

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