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A lot of people have doubts regarding the use of the rug in your home. The conveyor belt is a critical piece in any décor, it’s a piece that brings a coziness to the space. The warmth that is the thing that makes you feel very welcomed, the desire not to get out of the environment.

Here are some tips for you to use rugs to:

A rug may be used in a variety of venues, and are displayed on the most of the time, in the living room. With a smooth surface( marble, or porcelain tile, wood or even on the concrete burning, the carpet fits so well. It can also be used in a Home Theater system, and into the Dining Room, depending on the proposal of the decor and space.

living room chair rugs

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In the past, people opted for the carpet in the area close to the house. Today, this custom is no longer used, so, the carpets in the room are very welcome. Then, you can think of, in the matter of an allergic reaction. These days, there are a plethora of models that are made with fabrics and materials which are anti-allergic. On the terrace, the floor mats can also be used, in preference to the terraces, which are close to the glass. A place that piece of decoration it can be used it in the hallway, or foyer. An important detail: the material of the floor is too plain, it is essential to use a non-slip under carpet.

the porch floor mats

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As for the style, it will depend on the design. Whether your style is contemporary, it is better to use something more current. In the case of a sandy beach or in a field, you can use something more rustic, which refers to these seats. As for the size, it’s important to make the film, and the floor plan of the property, before you buy it. The rug is like a piece of clothing, it can’t be either great or small, should be adapted to the layout of your furniture, therefore it is important to know the setting, and the size of each piece of furniture in the room prior to buying on the table.

the carpets in the living room

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The carpet can be ordered or purchased at the ready. Some of the shops to make a statement in the space; that is, they lead to some of the options on the carpet, and the client or the architect, chose the one that was the best.

As for the colour, it will depend a lot on the project. The most common way is to use rugs with colors that are neutral, so the fact that the mat be great, but it is possible to use it in some form. The important thing is, in this case, is to think of a whole. You know the colors that can be used in the environment is of fundamental importance.

floor mats

The design for Marília Veiga

This rug, with a bit more information that might be interesting, if you have a coffee table made of acrylic, for example, for the table, “we’re not going to fight,” with most of the remainder . If the furniture is to call the attention, it’s ideal to make use of a rug to a more neutral one, with the good sense not to get a lot of information. Try a colored objects that will be in the room with the rug. To facilitate, I set aside a few examples of projects with a variety of environments and styles.

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