The pandemic has made us rediscover and love our kitchen. We’ve spent more time than expected, putting in relief the importance of having a kitchen where you feel comfortable and adapted to us. The reform of kitchens has skyrocketed in the last few months, in search of a place to enjoy and share.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and although its main function is that of cooking, increasingly seek to turn it into a multifunctional space where we are able to meet, or to develop other activities in contact with the rest of the family. Therefore, if you are looking to give a change to your kitchen, from the Association of Kitchen Furniture, give us ideas to make it the queen of the house.

A multi-functional space

Kitchens connect all the space. As we pointed out, more and more, we seek to make the kitchen a place of multifunctional power not only to cook or eat. In this sense, the distribution of kitchens open to the living will, thanks to the comfort and versatility that allows us to. To achieve this effect will highlight the open shelving to bring a sense of spaciousness, in addition to extra space storage.

A multi-functional space

But the most noticeable is the layout of the kitchen in the trinomial kitchen-living room-terrace. The confinement has pushed us to assess the outdoor areas of our home by giving prominence to patios, terraces and gardens that will be a part of the kitchen, bringing light to this room and making it possible to enjoy the outdoors while you work or cook.

It also grows the demand of tables of large dimensions and islands. Now that we work and study at home, we need larger surface areas of work. Gain weight also to the comfort of the chairs in the kitchen to go from a mere complement to become protagonists of space.

Natural materials

The eco-design and sustainable furnishings is a trend on the rise for several years, gaining more weight this 2021. The trend towards spaces natural products from traditional origin, recycled materials and environmentallywill be fundamental. Wood in all its variants, the neutral tones and the simple ways to be present in our kitchens.

Oh, that’s yes! At countertops will continue to triumph porcelain tile grain and in chairs upholstery textile monochrome. Also not missing in our kitchens, marble, bamboo, glass, or metal.

“In 2021, will be trend mix of colors and textures, so that the combination of different materials, mostly natural and artisan, will be essential.”

Natural materials

A kitchen of contrasts

And is that this year will not only be mixed textures. The colour contrasts also invade our kitchens. Are trend in both white and the pastel colours, as black, the anthracite grey, graphite or navy bluebut beware! All in a finish extra matte. Will take precedence also the shades of terracotta, green, orange, or bright blues, escape to nature.

A combination that you can not lose sight will be the Ultimate Grey and the Yellow Illuminating, color-2021 according to Pantone. This mix of colors represents the optimism and the strength necessary to face this year after 2020.

For its part, the chairs, come stomping. Soft colors and cheerful, like blue or pink, they come, to stay, tissues, antibacterial treated against bacteria, abrasion, and stain perfect for the kitchen.

Kitchen contrasts

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