In the house, the living room provides a master, because, in addition to receiving all the people, it is the increased interaction between the residents. With a good decoration, begin by identifying their function or functions. You have to have a tv? For a reading space or a nice conversation? I’ll get you a desk? Please note that the living room could be embellished in several ways and, therefore, to define a style, it is essential, as there are several models in the classroom.

In addition to the role for which you have set in your choice of style, you need to consider, particularly, the aesthetic is going to be consistent to that in a composition that has been chosen to represent, in fact, his house, and a cost-effective, and also, if you pay attention to the objects of decor to the existing ones, because they’re going to ‘give life’ to the environment.

Remembering that you chose for the tiles are versatile and timeless, this is a hint to cool so you won’t get tired of the decor and is, as yet, there is no risk to be old-fashioned, out-of-fashion’.

There are many different types of rooms and style of decor, and each has at least one trait that best represents you. And now, what is yours?

Take a look at the models in meeting rooms

Classic in a word, it defines sophistication. Thin material, such as marble and porcelain, furniture and ornate. The use of a color-accented, sometimes darker, sometimes lighter. The wall paper is the basic element of this styling.


Country more comfortable, allows you to merge, the simple and the sophisticated. Synonymous for comfort, and peace of mind. The materials and objects that are related to the nature of the iron, leather, and wood. The walls in a natural appeal to a stone, peeling paint, brick. The color shades, pastel, earth green and make a colour palette.

the models of the rooms, rustic

French country – the environment is welcoming, the visual scene. Like the rustic because of the use of the wood and in the countryside. The colors are soft, highlighting the the blue and the pink and green. Accessories such as baskets, wicker and greenery arrangements are quite common.

models-of-living rooms French country

Contemporary in a free and creative style that can express a color, different decoration and don’t forget about the comfort. It works with only a few objects, but it’s all in great taste. It enables a mix of materials and styles. A-chair, the vintage, if it’s a side table in steel, usually. Well-crafted, and the colors are welcome, and the geometry, that is his strong point.

the models of the living rooms, contemporary

Retro-inspired – funny and wise, this is a remake of the old one, other than that of the vintage, which is officially old. Have had a strong presence in the furniture, household appliances and objects for the home. The beauty appears in the color, as well as in the tissues of the flower, checked, and hence may not be combined with other elements.

the models of the living room, retro

Luciane Mota is colaborada of the magazine to the Living Decorating and interior designer, then press a number of projects that address the particular circumstances of each client.

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