Houses with a rug and home without them. Spaces covered by wool and the other in which you prefer to a pavement-free tissues. What is for sure is that, beyond the personal tastes, carpets are a decorative element perfect for adding a different touch to the room, in addition to providing warmth, comfort and that recollection which is so badly needed.

Above all, now that the houses are becoming in real homes in which to take refuge from the spread of the virus. Take care of yourself, it also implies to have a carpet that provides us with well-being, in which to sit alone or in company and enjoy, or not, of the long evenings of autumn and winter. Are you already thinking of a?

What is certain is that the variety of carpets; colors, fabrics and styles is the most diverse. The first thing you can do before you buy a, it is take a look at the set of the furniture and see what might fit more with the design of the house. Imagine the living room, the main room, the guest. By what you will dare?

Today we want to show you some of the carpets that are already a trend to help you in your choice. It’s about finding that article of textile which can bring you a touch of chic and fabulous and to further personalize and customize your home.

To begin we must have in mind that area rugs are created to, in addition to this nuance elegant that we have mentioned and transmit warmth to a space, thermally insulate. This is its main function, and that goes beyond the design you choose.

It is also very interesting to think in their other features. For example, they also serve to separate the environments and protect the soil. A large multi-coloured carpet in the bedroom can be very effective and dynamic. When you arrive and see her, immediately we associate the feeling and the color with that space. Then, on the contrary, you can mark the difference with a more warm, long hair, and beige tones for the living room.

In the end, what is important is how we use the carpets, which passes by to give color and life to the room through its warmth. Yes, there are different types depending on the use you want to give them. These are the different types of carpet according to the material:

The fabric with natural fibers are the classic, long-lasting and more affordable.
The cotton, ideal for informal settings.
Those of oriental origin such as the turks and persians are knitted in flat form, without hair, which makes them lighter.
We also highlight the long hair, that are characterized by having a surface more fluffy.
With the time have appeared synthetics that are resistant to moisture and stains. Those that are also fashionable carpets vinyl, an original and eco-cover the floors of your home.

Now we leave you with a selection of carpets that, by type, beyond the tissue, are out of fashion. Designs that already are tendency for his personality, your color, and that touch of warmth that can bring to your home. Do you feel like incorporate into your home one of them?

Rugs geometric


Rugs geometric

Do not fail. Rugs geometric are a success almost always. Also this year we added the list of the most sold by those shapes and designs that give character and sophistication to the stay. What is certain, is that the diamonds, and the ways in zig-zag will repeat on the carpet during the next few months. Although it can be adapted to any space, are ideal for the decoration of modern living rooms.

Carpet vinyl


Carpet vinyl

Already a couple of seasons that the carpets vinyl are the trend. In fact, many people have already opted for this type of add-on is not only for its graphic design, but also for their easy maintenance.

These carpets, far away because of the hair-printed, they offer a lot of advantages that we do not find in the traditional material. For example, are 100% recyclable and, in addition, there are multiple forms and designs that can be perfectly fit both in the classroom and in the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom.

Image taken from Hidraulik

Carpet natural


Carpet natural

Other types of rugs that we love them for their warmth are the ones that are made with natural fabrics like jute. This type of design can bring a touch rustic, warm and comfortable. In addition, you can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Are great at the foot of the bed as an additional element to dress the bedroom.

Carpet boucherouite


Carpet boucherouite

The carpet Boucherouite. Yes, as you read. A type of carpet that is already top sales. Do you want to know why? The Boucherouite carpet is hand-made in Morocco with recycled fabrics, such as cotton, wool and thread. These are woven together in the most amazing designs and color combinations. Unique carpet designed to decorate any room in the house.

Carpet long hair


Carpet long hair

Carpets with long hair will not go out of fashion. They are ideal in the winter for its fabric warm and comfortable. We love the diversity of colors that today you can get, and even create your way. Although the classics are the shades of gray, beige or white, there are other hairy in colors more potent as the turquoise, purple or pink, that can give authenticity to your space.

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