In case you are wondering about the project, which is in contrast styles to mix colors in harmony, and they take advantage of the spaces, which have a duplex, and full of effective solutions in the decoration and design of the space available to you. All of this starts at the top, where all the rooms are planned for the TV and the stand, and where Ricardo Lopez, interior designer, sent items, designed for the well-being of the residents, such as a choice of furniture, objects, wall coverings, and color. In the area of TV, so I opted for the tone more sober – the cabinet of the TV is in black lacquer, and the sofa are upholstered in a chenille brown.

the rooms are planned living and dining

The rooms are planned, the dining area, the use of the glass table top of the table with structure in resin in white has been designed to draw a contrast with the chairs from the design, the bench is in white lacquer, and a beanbag chair with a seat cushion in silk and in red.

living rooms designed for your comfort

High-quality materials are in contrast with the style of the the clean and the rooms are planned

A stop in a straight line, and that mimics wood, which occupies the centre of the room, and also serves to divide the rooms in planning.

the rooms are planned with the sophistication of the

The vinyl flooring has been paged out all over the room, imitating wood, and it has been used for the comfort and convenience of the residents,” says Ricardo Lopez is you have to ‘break up’ the monotone between all the spaces with a touch of a landscape of permanent and accents in vibrant colors like in the beanbag chair, which is reminiscent of a magic cube, from the mobile to the TV, the cushions on the couch, and decorative objects.

the rooms are planned with elegance

The lighting is also given a special treatment with the spots that are distributed strategically in the spaces to design, fire, reflects the light of the above, and in the direction of the dining room table.

the rooms are planned with the floor

Another interesting with respect to the glass-black, screen-printed, which was used as a door, and a wall that gives access to a spacious bathroom with page inserts in shades of black, gold, and copper. Another efficient integration is planned for the second floor. But, first of all, the designer has opted for the same coating on the vinyl, that mimics the wood on the top floor to the rung of the ladder.

the rooms are planned, with the ladder to the floor, a private

Under a staircase is a work in landscaping, permanent lighting, scenic and eye-catching, makes the area is designed to help you work more vivid. On the front, two red armchairs and a table with straight lines, giving a welcome from local residents when they reach this area, for short business meetings, and at the side, which is a practical home office is occupied by a bench in a straight line, and with practical niches speeds with LED lights built-in bottom that imitates wood, with a design straight lines.

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The rooms are Planned with Contrasting Styles

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