The success of the critics and the audience, the short story “Babylon” is displayed by the rede Globo television Network, in addition to have entertained the general public, and went on to be a reference, like so many other stories in the televised by the network, for a variety of consumer goods. Many have already understood the local environment in which the story happens, even to those who don’t have the time to watch it on a daily basis. The first few chapters, have burst their banks and lush scenery, and a sumptuous interiors in Dubai, and now that the plot revolves around the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, the highlight goes to the apartment of the character of Beatrice, played by Gloria Pires), where you can check out gorgeous modern living room.

Modern Living Room The room up-to-date Barbara to BabilôniaSala up-to-date Barbara to Babylon”>

The apartment is, in fact has nothing to do with scenic, as it exists in the real world. The property is situated on the outskirts of rio de janeiro is the meeting point is right between the main protagonists of the overall plot. Decoration simple exudes luxury and class, accounting for its owners. The decoration in shades of discipline becomes a feeling of a more serious and dramatic. For those who wish to bring about the same as the air of a sovereign for your living room, the clue is to go with neutral tones and dark nuances. These shades are to present the palette in order to achieve the effect is passed by the decoration in the living room for Nature. There is no room for colorful accents and warm colors. Indicates whether to choose between a modern or classic decor. And the balance between these two styles.

Modern Living Room Modern living room for the Betty’s, it serves as a inspiraçãoSala up-to-date Barbara, serves as the inspiration for”>

The room up-to-date Barbara to Babylon: let yourself be inspired

On the walls, you can get the padding on the wall paper, or paint, both in colors and closed, such as black, grey, brown, and, even in sober shades of green, blue, and yellow. A factor that is of the utmost importance in these styles, it’s the lighting that should be considered in accordance with the functionality of the environment. Dark in the room, requires a concern for an extra, with this factor. Make a note of one more hint: opt for the illumination spot, and focused and to raise the profile of the ornament, then use the spots directional, pendants, and lamps, as well as with those that are found in the decoration of the character of Gloria in “Babylon”.

With the right furniture, as well as a son that follows in the same line of reasoning for the modern living room. Sofas, armchairs and more robust construction, upholstered in a natural woven, embroidered, for pillows, plain or printed, together with coffee tables, side tables and racks, that the abuse of a wood, dark colors, and until the details are made of stainless steel.

Modern living room The decoration of a modern living room of your BeatrizDecoração of a modern living room of Brian”>

Area rugs and window curtains in order to make the environment more welcoming and also creating the atmosphere and the elegance you desire. As part of the landscaping can be designed with leaves on the dark, twigs, and flowers in black and white. The final touch to this environment it is made by the decorative pieces that stand out, and through the weather baby. Invest in a piece of glass, crystal, porcelain, and objects to play with the classic and the modern, such as chandeliers, vases, ashtrays, old books, candles and frames frame work.

Modern living room Take inspiration from the modern living room for BabilôniaInspire in the living room of the modern Babylon”>

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The room up-to-date Barbara to Babylon: let yourself be inspired

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