Sometimes to the point of the dining room is deserted, and without getting a lot of attention. As the saying goes, “In the land of Fast Food, eating at the table, it’s you!”, because people are used to eating in the kitchen, in the living room, watching TV, or even in the bedroom, what they don’t it is very cool. But those who are fortunate enough to have the dining room in the house to work on decorating it and making it more accessible and a good place to stay, complete your decor with a wallpaper!

Use wall paper for the dining room

A great option is to use the objects that it refers to the identity of the inhabitants of the house, and each and every one of these things has a great story, even better!

Another great solution is to use wallpaper to decorate your living room, as it looks great on almost any environment that is not damp or outdoor as well as being easy to set up. With a little bit of patience, you can do it. Buy it by the square, and then apply it with a putty knife, plastic, rubber, or silicone, and when you get tired you just use a spoon and take it all off.

Here are a few ways you can use this wallpaper in your dining room

The options are endless and it’s already available on the market role of the wall-washable-ideal for the dining room. Defiled? Goes with a cloth, and it’s all right.

But be careful: don’t use wall paper to cover the imperfections, and the results might be much, much worse. To get that perfect, on the wall paper, it should be applied on a clean and flat surface, free from deformity, and humidity. Here are a few ideas for you to decorate with wallpaper to make your dining room is the place for the most enjoyable from home.

On the way to the dining room should be a in good quality, preferably is washable, because accidents are dressings and sauces, and beverages, they may experience.

Wallpaper for dining room 7

The project Decorellas

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It is important that the wall paper for the dining room, has to have the same theme or colour from the rest of the house.

wallpaper for dining room 17100-living-room-for-dinner-in-house-in-the-belo horizonte-mg-brazil-bathroom-an open-viva-decora

Photo by-Open House

On the way to the dining room, it can be textured or geometric designs, for example. Your living room will be more interesting.

wallpaper for dining room 3487-living-room-of-the-dinner-flat-it is also fully lined-ravaglia-philot-arquitetura-viva-decora

The design for the Ravaglia and Philot

If applied to wallpaper the dining room, or any room, like the kitchen, you can give the impression of other materials, such as ceramic tile, brick, and stone. It all depends on the quality of the service.

4325-living-dining-room-garden-são paulo-he was also a composer-of-the-blue-viva-decora

Design by Vinicius de

Here are some Tips for the Dining Room, which is Decorated

Wallpaper for a dining room needs to be, above all, the almighty, so take your chances on the colors in the designs, and textures to make your living room the abandoned without food in an environment that is extremely hot.

If you love decorating, visit the web site to the Live Decorate, and have access to thousands of pictures and ideas.

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