The natural light and modernity are two safe bets in the reform of a floor. A way to get that stays to be unified through lines that are winding, project a design really contemporary as is the case of this project of reform in the barcelona district Gracia. In it we can see the total transformation of the bathroom and the kitchen in two spaces marked by the lighting and the elegance thanks to the work of the design studio and interior Form.

Before the modern floor de Gràcia it is now, ‘Monistrol’, that is the name of the project and the street on which it is located, was a house of 65 m2 little light and old. In its original state presented a picture listless, and sombre due to the excessive compartmentalization. As the playground service is narrow, barely received light. So, except for the two rooms that face the main façade, the floor was just natural lighting.

Through the process of rehabilitation of the team of interior design, it has been achieved that the spaces have a design clear and defined. The result of linear open spaces ensures that the light and ventilation to pass through the entire apartment without encountering barriers to their step.

Reform kitchen and bathroom

“We are simplifying the distribution to obtain a linear succession of three large spaces of different proportions, associated with the provision of the structure of load-bearing walls. Each space has a specific use, with it’s own identity (living room/kitchen-dining room/ bedroom) and the open spaces between them allow a great freedom of relationship,” she explained from the study.

In addition, the balance of materials it makes the home is stylish and warm at the same time. A fact that we observe both in the bathroom as in the kitchen, also reformed under this premise. They take precedence tones, white and light, pierced by light. Let’s move now to observe one-to-one the details of these two spaces in which life becomes easy and enjoyable to your step. Do you stay to discover them?

Natural lighting and unit


Natural lighting and unit

We are faced with the kitchen in which the traditional elements found and the elements of structural reinforcement introduced have been painted white. In this way, and, thanks to the natural lighting, you get to endow the space of unit and the contemporary.

The kitchen island adds a touch of caldiez


The kitchen island adds a touch of caldiez

In this image we can see in detail all the main elements that make up the cuisine, composed by a kitchen island in wood that brings warmth and comfort to the space. A kind of bar, ideal for cooking or to place some bar stools, and breakfast served on it.

Amplitude in scene


Amplitude in scene

The amplitude is the highlight of this rehabilitation has been achieved to give the kitchen more space. An overture which allows a great freedom of relationship between the different spaces. The result is a dynamic space, lit and well-ventilated place, perfect to take advantage of the light of the day.

Bathroom warm and comfortable


Bathroom warm and comfortable

In the bathroom, also renovated, continues with the same line projected on the kitchen design. The wooden furniture adds warmth and comfort needed, while the white tones of the rest of the equipment transmit a shade that is balanced and harmonious throughout the room.

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