Listening to the ideas that interest you, but so clear and direct. Listen to them while you do the purchase or prepare a carrot cake. Since it is a fact that the podcast has come to stay. A format of online radio that accompanies us in our day-to-day and to which we can access when and how you want. In them and, behind the microphone, there is always someone to speak to us of things that are interesting, daring, irreverent, oh things you didn’t know about! A connection with the other side of the waves that, at this stage, is already unstoppable.

That’s why today, we’ve decided to bring a selection of the best podcast about design, architecture and decor. So that you don’t forget that creativity is heightened when we listen to others talk about what we are also interested in. Or maybe you are one of those people who do not understand a lot of order and storage, then these programs format radio are also an ideal option for you.

In them we can find not only decoration ideas for kitchens, halls or rooms, but the best tricks of the interior design the hand of professionals in the sector. Sure Marie Kondo and her tips have nothing to envy to these gurus of the decoration that today we teach you. In its chapters, you will learn how to make your house look more bright, more spacious and even under an industrial style and contemporary.

As we know that it is hard to opt for a single program, we have made a selection of the most popular. A look for stories ranging from the beginnings of the design, until the tips with which to decorate your house, such as the announcers ‘The blog decorator‘or ‘Interior Decoration

Nor have we forgotten those podcasts, as ‘Habitat‘(RNE), can open up doors of many buildings to know its architecture and its history. Don’t anticipate more. Just hit the play and turn up the volume. No matter what you’re doing, you listen, point and find out all about decoration. ¡Let’s do it!

The blog decorator


The blog decorator

How to decorate a living room? How to get an industrial style? These are just some of the questions that attempt to answer Aldo and Rodrigo via ‘The Blog Decorator’. A podcast in which they talk about what they like the most: the decoration.

Every Monday launched a new chapter, responding to any questions on designing and decoration. You can find it on Spotify. Would you like to know everything about interior design?

Interior Decoration


Interior Decoration

In this podcast you’ll also find tips and ideas for coping with success and without a doubt the projects related to your home, decoration and interior design.

From Spotify, ‘Interior Decoration’ tells you all her tricks to make your house become the house magazine that we all dream of. Enntre its chapters you will find topics such as disaster decorative, the how to reform a bath, or how to get rid of those household items that you no longer need.

Clever Podcast


Clever Podcast

A podcast international and super interesting that you can not miss if you are passionate about the world of design. ‘Clever’ is a program that was created to talk about the universality of the design by Jaime Derringer, founder of the blog Design Milk, along with designer Amy Devers.

Among its different episodes you will find some very curious that you did not know about the decoration. In addition, you can not miss the interviews with renowned interior designers.




From RNE comes to us ‘Habitat: live architecture’, a programme presented by Patri Nuñez in which he reflects on how the public space has been an essential element for the construction of democratic cities and livable. Since the program ensure that one of the great challenges of contemporary urban development is to promote a ‘Habitat’, search for projects and transformers that are committed to social cohesion, diversity and inclusion.

All this information and much more complete, you will find it in ‘Habitat’, a series of episodes in which we review the modes of life through the buildings, the layout of public and private spaces.

Design and diaspora


Design and diaspora

Listen in Spotify, ‘Design and Diaspora’, the podcast of social design, in which you’ll find discussions between designers, friends, design researchers. A program in which, through an open look, this is about showing that there are alternative models. And for this, they do it in the hand of designers working in the social innovation or the practices of emerging design.

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