It is a trend that far from being anchored in the past, it evolves and integrates in space residential and contract. Every time we see it more in hotels and restaurants, being the protagonist of spaces in which stand out the wrought-iron columns, exposed brick, the absence of compartmentalization and furniture design, functional coated leather combined the timber untreated and accompanied tissues without ornaments. It is the new style urban, an aesthetic which sacrifices the exuberance in pursuit of the essential.


Respect for the original structures and a constant search for the feeling of spaciousness.


Wrought iron, leather, cement, wood, untreated, cotton and linen. The colours always sober.


Functional and free of ornaments; this is often recycled furniture with patina copper and the oxide. Straight lines.


It is very important in the industrial look. It shows the bare, directly wired from the ceiling or in designs of black wrought iron and proposals integrated in the structure view.


Open, with no compartments. Or partitions or divisions. Highlights include large windows, high ceilings (even the double heights) and the brick (sometimes painted white). Pipes and exposed pipes and lots of greenery.

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