Every season the signatures of ceramic and porcelain make us their proposals tiles for the bathroom and the kitchen and surprise us with new features becoming more original. But this last year, have gone a step further and we have presented the collections with colors, finishes and shapes never seen before for the design of the home.

This element so essential to the house, has gone from being a mere functional piece to become a real object of desire for the lovers of interior design. The brands take more risks than ever before, and we propose tiles with impossible shapes, finishes diverse, bold reliefs and colors never seen before.

New tiles contemporary Tile Cloud

Tile Cloud

These new tiles allow us to create a great combination of patterns and shapes which not only add a special touch to our spaces, but, in addition, allows the finish to be unique in function of the arrangement of the pieces. The game is precisely the essential attribute of this new generation of tiles.

Some firms, we even propose complete solutions of tiles combined each other. Connections rhythmic and colorful, which go from the tile to the mosaic to the relief, and the relief to the tile. In this way, you create infinite possibilities that give us exclusivity on the surfaces of our house, usually the kitchen and the bathroom. Now you can see it also in commercial spaces, halls, and even living rooms and bedrooms.

Mandarin Stone, new tiles contemporary

Mandarin Stone

Many of these proposals play with the brightness and the mate creating effects of light and color are very interesting. Other, focus on creating reliefs impossible to play at their pleasure with lights and shadowsproviding various environments according to the time of the day. The more discreet, reversionan classic models giving them a touch more special.

The range of colours it also expands in line with the trends and allows you to play with other finishes and materials to create kitchens and bathrooms more contemporary. Green, pink, yellow, and blue dusty, black-and-white finish gloss or matte, the acclaimed terra-cotta or marble effect is just one example of the variety that we can find.

The new generation tiles it has come to stay, and if you don’t want to stand back, take note of the latest trends.

Kristine Morich, new tiles

Kristine Morich

Tile metro 2.0.

An alternative to the tiles of the subway are so prevalent in kitchens and baths in recent years, are these tiles oblong, which reversionan this design so hackneyed. With a few more lines and elegant finish more professional, these tiles promise to be done with the walls of most of the reforms and new construction.

Biscuit to Ceragres I Airbnb I Pablo Veiga

Biscuit to Ceragres I Airbnb I Pablo Veiga

Your simplicity and versatility they are the key to the success of this tile inspired by the walls of the Underground. But on this occasion, accompanied by new colours and finishes that will allow us to escape the “too seen.”

This new design of the ceramic tile of the metro, has a format that is more elongated and narrow that adds to its appeal. Some firms, the market finished with ‘flat’ or with a bevelled edge, and are perfect for any space in the house, even outside of the bathroom and the kitchen.

Three-dimensional models

These models are the latest sensation in the design of coatings. They are pieces of porcelain and crafted to create mosaic tiles in relief with geometric shapes and play with them to conceive unique combinations.

Three-dimensional models

BROOKE HOLM I, The Avenue Road 8A space I GieraDesign I Abi Dare

Finished with a round or triangular, these pieces fit together, with the goal of creating continuous lines, vertical or horizontal. Ceramic surfaces three-dimensional they create light and shadow effects according to the incidence of the light and position.

They are so striking, that it is recommended to install them in a single front or the middle of the wall to not saturate. In addition, allow you to combine them with other materials and even other types of coatings such as terrazzo, pierdra or marble.

Fingers of glass

The novelty of these tiles is their the form of a piano key or fingers. These pieces of porcelain is characterized by its thinness and small format. Remind us of the mosaic, and create a finish very clean and elegant. That’s why they come with a mesh back for ease of installation.

Fingers of glass

Wendy Fenwick I Study Mrs Smith I Raven

In shiny or matte, and a multitude of colours, this type of tiles can be combined with other coatings and materials such as marble, wood or microcemento. If, in Addition, we add a slurry in another color, we can further enhance its uniqueness.


More than one type of tile we’re talking a finish that is creating a buzz in the interior design. The glow or brightness is exaggerated of the pieces of porcelain creates a optical effects that remind us of the brightness of the pearl or diamond. Some firms opt for the effects even more striking as the iris.


Ceramic technics I 41zero42 I 41zero42

Each of these tiles has a gloss and a texture that is different, they are irregular, so that we can get varied compositions on our walls. We can even mix different colors on a neutral base, in this way, the originality is served.

What type of tile is going with you?

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