We live in the age of technology and wellness is not a new one. In recent years, we have seen how he transformed many of our routines, now much more technical and much more comfortable and comfortable, at the same time that the concept of well-being do on a new meaning, more holistic and more integrated into our day-to-day. Two trends which, no doubt, have had its echo in the world of interior design and decorating, transforming our spaces, the relationship that we have with our house and the uses to which we give to every environment.

Thus, the multifunction has reached every corner of our homesby changing the traditional uses to which it gave to each stay: now, the cuisine it serves not only for cooking, but it has become one of the centers of the meeting house where you can also socialize, while the bathroom has undertaken an evolution towards the “room of the bath”. A new concept in which the intimacy, the comfort, well-being and health have become the cornerstone of any interior design project adapted to the new currents of the TWENTY-first century.

Hot Liem and taps Lignage

Hot Liem and taps Lignage

From the bathroom to the living room to the bathroom

If the trend towards the well-being since it was prevailing from some years ago, the shock of the pandemic health that we have lived with the coronavirus has finish accentuate even more the need to create houses more playful, more leisurely and more hedonistic that make us feel safe and comfortable, ready to take care of us, to relax and to enjoy. Some premises that, in the room of the bath, are translated in more space, more open, more connected to other roomsbreathing nature, with natural light, quality materials, technology and wellness to accompany our routines beauty and transform our bathroom into a personalized refuge.

This oasis of calm and relaxation that keep us away from the hustle and bustle of mind that most of us live it reaches its maximum exponent with the new generation hot-exemptthe heart of the living room to the bathroom, which acts almost as a couch on which to read, listen to music, apply body treatments, and, above all, let go and be reborn.

In the same way, some pieces of furniture that we had always associated with the living room, have jumped toward the bathroom. An example of this are the chairs or armchairs, as well as decorative items such as lamps, ceilings, mirrors on the floor, carpet, vanities, paintings or sculptures that bring nobility and a large dose of art and that we have already begun to see in large projects signed by interior designers of the first line.

Equipment Wellness Noken in the tub with equipment Soleil Square

Equipment Wellness Noken in the tub with equipment Soleil Square

The “me-time” and the in-house spa

The self-care or me-time are two trends on the rise in the world of wellness that make reference to the time that a person is engaged in himself and in which to develop activities for their own enjoyment. Two needs, as we said, you do not need to go to look at wellness centers, but are much more affordable for our bathroom if we use the latest technology applied to the equipment and intended for the care of the body and relaxation at home.

Some of the most well resolved are the ones that provides us with Noken, the Porcelanosa Group, with the equipment electronic Wellness Sensations, which allow us to enjoy moments of relax completely custom and configurable according to our needs and moods. For example, offering the possibility of combining the benefits of massage with those of color therapy, or music therapy. Bodily sensations, lights, colors and music relaxing or energising become so in the combo perfect for transforming our bathroom in our own hammam custom.

Like the bath, another of the big trends that accompany them in the same space or in a bathroom that the smaller the showers with a hydromassage or sprinklers Wellness Showers. And is that, among its many functions, it highlights the capacity that we offer you activate different sensory experiences through output mode, rain, waterfall, water column or nebulizer, which mixes water and air creating a surround effect, stimulating or relaxing. Some models, in addition, also combine colors, or even aromatherapy, two options that may end up raising the bath experience into a ritual of the most sublime.

Hot Pure Line of Noken

Hot Pure Line of Noken

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