If anything has taught us the crisis is that it, or move, or it takes you. Adapt to any circumstances is a prerequisite for success. The crisis in the hospitality industry has not only been a thing of a virus. During the last few years, there has been dormant a change of trendnecessary , it was a more sustainable model. Within the framework of Interihoteles, interior designers, architects, and entrepreneurs to address the problems that the new situation has led to and created a new path to rebuild it.

Because you have to understand that the hotels that come have to be renewed. The future, as we knew it, is an illusion. This crisis is not only a biologicalwe are faced with a environmental crisis. It is for this reason that Mary Laura Sequeira, designer, Gensler, believes that the new models will guide you through the design patterns of nature. To conceive of this investment, not only as a response to the crisis, but as a style of life that will accompany you for a long time.

New hotel model

The conception of the hotels has changed. The crisis of Covid has caused our leisure travel and leisure have been reduced to a minimum. Tourism, which is more local, closer, in many cases, looking for isolated locations and in tune with nature has been imposed. Looking for a place to escape from the crisis and breathe.

We are adapting to a model that leads us to spend more time in the fresh air and isolated, and this, more than a weakness for the hotel sector, should be assumed as a new opportunity. Adapt the models resort to this new trend, guiding them, not only as places where to spend our vacation, but as spaces for telework, offering an experience of a local at the same time that they serve to live, work or study.


Architecture and design in the new model

Changes the conception of tourism and thus the needs of the people who booked the accommodation. The design must comply with the new search: more health, conveying a greater well-being. “The buildings have the power to heal, from the design we are aware especially of that which is invisible” notes Mary Laura. And is that the buildings have the power to make us react physiologically and we cannot ignore its importance in this aspect.

The crisis has made us to understand that these spaces were not prepared to take care of a virus as the us has dealt with. The relationship with the space has changed during the pandemic. It is a change that will last with us and that you will have to listen to him, to challenge us to do the necessary renovations.

For this purpose it is essential to discuss with the space and value, within that conversation, how it will affect our health and our mood. Take advantage of the benefits that nature and the space we offer, worrying about and taking care of this. For many centuries forgotten and dilapidated, the nature of any experience, a moment only to nurture ourselves.

So this new model no longer think of the buildings as a break in the landscape and conceived as a continuation of this. These must form part of the landscape and constructed in accordance with it. As an example, without a doubt, the hotel complex, the chain has developed in Costa Rica, where the natural landscape and the indigenous peoples are respected and listened to. In this case we have used his wisdom to know how to speak the environment with the cabins primitive. Its construction, location or the materials used have not been left to chance. The relationship anthropological between the beings and the location, as the air flows, as light comes in, relies 100% nature and can influence our relationship with this and our well-being.

Surf Camp 2.0.15

Back to our roots

Create these buildings as places that allow us to breathe better, healthier, more efficient, such as large lungs. Intertwining the benefit everything is built with organic materials, natural and sustainable. It introduces the design biofílico in connection with the emotional well-being and creating a clearer connection with the environment that improves the experience as a guest with the space and with the present. The panels of the forest, the lights, the moisture, provide quality and well-being to our body.

Use the natural light, you know sort of the nature and use it to our benefit without interfering in it. To do this is to merge the experiences of the exterior and interior, to create a balance between the commitment to natural without forgetting the comfort of a luxury resort. To highlight the nature that encompasses caring for her and protecting it. With natural materials that ensure that the inner journey-exterior since her arrival through the comfort, rest and entertainment. For this reason it is key to bring this connection to nature to the interior with a design in harmony of furniture and objects.

It is create sanctuaries provide protection and shelter to the visitor taking advantage of the feeling that we cause odors as the wood burned, the rain water on the earth… well-being has a touch more holistic approach that encompasses physical, social, mental, with a clear purpose. As we strive to comply with the sustainability, we measure the success of a building or building complex, assessing the social impact and make positive along with the financial performance.

The hotel service takes on a new meaningthe reason why someone visits a hotel is to have fun. To create this sense there is to be attributed to beauty through nature, comfort through the comfort and intimacy through the use of the space, if we use the latest technology you can achieve a luxury experience to be extraordinary. A luxury not as shiny, but as authenticity.

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