The sofa is very important in a room, it can be entertaining, to watch movies, go on with your love, your family, or even to relax on. He is the star of this living room, a large share of the attention will be turning to it. As it is a critical role in the development environment, you need to be careful to select the ideal kind, among the models of the couch.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration are the measurements of your space. Regardless of whether your living room is to small or to big, take up the space that would be left on the sofa, taking into account the height, width, and depth. If you are in a room and a tv, it is shown that it is right in front of the tv, in order to avoid problems during the use of the mobile phone.

Measure the space where the sofa is, will be, without losing sight of the minimum amount of space for movement comfortable, as you don’t leave you with a feeling of suffocation, and considering how many people are going to make use of it.

models sofa leather, synthetic Decorating contemporâneaDecoração contemporary”>

When you go to the store to choose, think about the kind of flooring you want for your living space. In addition to interior decoration, kitchen and a sofa should cater to all the needs of your home. There are four main types of fabric-upholstery: suede, jacquard, chenille, and synthetic.

The suede is one of the most widely used is similar to that of the leather, there are many options on the market, and it requires very careful with the cleaning. The pattern is very durable, easy to maintain, and is very elaborate, due to the weaving their own threads. The chenille is very soft and comfortable, but it’s a bit tricky to clean up. The synthetic ones are easier to clean and more resistant, it is recommended for people who have allergies or pets.

Check out some of the tips to the models in the couch

For environments that are very small, this should preferably be done for the sofas and the rectangular, the fact that they are more optimized and they fit with the other pieces of furniture. In a bright room, you can put a sofa in it, follow the same shade, or a sofa with a deeper color.

the models of the sofa in a small room Living room-compact”>

If you have to use your room for important guests or business meeting, to a couch in black leather, or synthetic, this is the perfect one. This demonstrates the seriousness and safety in the environment, as well as its maintenance is quite easy.

the models of the sofa in black leather The decoration of a simple and eleganteDecoração simple and stylish”>

If you have a bigger space, and whether your family is large, you can use the model of the sofa is in an “L” . They take advantage of the space and ease of movement. You can use it on a table in the center, in addition to the environment.

the models of the sofa in the L Space-optimized”>

For the lovers of modern design of a sofa with its optimal brings out the beauty and practicality of the environment. There is in the market for some models, the sofas, which allow him to transform into other objects, such as pull-out beds, and sofas, which are, and have seen many puffs or even sofas with a small chest, or niche built in. There is something to fit the needs of each individual.

models sofa design in a different Modern Design”>

Take advantage of these tips, and choose the model that’s right for your environment. And, if you just want to learn about the evolution of the sofas, we have prepared an infographic of the special. Check it out!

Infographic about the evolution of the models in the couch

Infographic about the evolution of the models in the couch

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