The living room is one of the rooms, the most important in a house. This is where you can be most of the time, it is relaxing, watching a movie, or getting some of your friends. For that reason, pick the furniture is suitable, it is essential. The cabinet’s most highly acclaimed in any of the models of the living room is the sofa.

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Take a look at the models of the living room

When you start to decorate a room, take every inch of the environment, including space for the doors and windows. You can estimate the space for the movement to get comfortable. Please measure carefully where you’ll be on the couch, and to estimate the limits of the same.

When you go to buy all the furniture in the store, be sure to measure the height, width, and depth. Make a note of everything with care, so as not to coincide with a space, a piece of furniture to another. – The tv must be in the front of the sofa, but don’t put it in front of a window, so as not to reflect the light from the outside and make it more difficult to watch.

Even if you have a large living room, you do not only purchase the furniture, lush and huge, to highlight a piece of furniture, in particular, and use the other as an add-on. In this way, the room will be warm and more beautiful. You may use the armchairs, ottomans, stools or coffee tables, for example.

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Select the type of the fabric of your sofa, think about its function, in addition, to take into account how many people will use it, and if there are pets or children in the house. The main materials of the sofa are of the suede, chenille, jacquard, and synthetics.

If you have a small living room, place a sofa, a rectangular-to optimize your space. You can opt for dark shades of whether your living room is light and refreshing, but light tones leave the ambience light.

If you have a way to more restrained and elegant style, with a sofa, a more sobering is the best option. Devoid of safety, excellent up to even a business meeting, in addition to the easy to maintain.

the models of the living room 6492-living-room-living-project-i-fernanda-one-out-of-work-viva-decora The couch, elegant in shades chumboSofá stylish in the shade-lead”>

For the one who has a big family, put on a sofa, in a “ L”. They have optimised the space, and they can often fit a lot of people. The big advantage of this is that, this kind of sofa to occupy every corner, you get a free space for the movement of the center of the room.

the models of the living room 7302-living room-house-of-concrete-on-a-beautiful-skyline-anastasia-architect-viva-decora

Sofa with track record in the “L” to optimize the space

In addition to these models, and in the living room, there are still those that are fully functional, and optimized for use on mobile that you turn and you gain-for other uses, such as sofa bed, sofa that transforms into many puffs or sofas, with a treasure chest built-in. Choose one of the sample templates in the living room is the best for you.

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The models of the living room to inspire you-and decorate

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