In the mirror, you are always welcome in the decor of the dining room. A fundamental part of the environment, it can contribute to the expansion of space. The mirrors are not so listed, to expand the spaces for circulation, but it can also be a very good apply in the small Dining-Room, giving a effect of an aesthetic one.

The mirrors they are allied to the transformation of the environment, and it can be used regularly and often , in the back of the dining room table.

Como_Decorar_Viva_Decora_Espelhos_na_decoracao_da_sala_de_jantar Large mirrors in the home décor. Image daquidaqui”>

Another option is to take it to be installed in a range of the mirror above the chairs, giving the interaction of the guest with the surrounding space, preventing the person sitting at the desk with a wall as an “overlooking”.

The mirror can also enhance the lighting that creates bright spots of light (the size is smaller), or to reflect the light completely. Be careful not to commit any excesses that can cause visual discomfort , such as, for example, by the use of mirrors on the two side walls.

Here are some Tips-of-the Dining Room is Decorated

You decide on the best location of the power in the room, which is decorated dining-it is essential. The piece can be a wall, either large or small, in various formats, and in mosaics, with or without a frame. By opting-in to the use of frames, pick them up with care, looking out of harmony with the other elements of the décor of the space, such as the tables for the living room.

Como_Decorar_Viva_Decora_Espelhos_na_decoracao_da_sala_de_jantar Living / Dining room with a mirror, framed. Image from”>

An alternative is to leave it in the mirror against back of pieces of furniture, how to stop it, or fixed to the wall, in the form of tables. Try to avoid overlapping items, chrome or mirrored, because the idea is that these items are to be placed on the same side of the wall, usually in a medium-sized rooms or more.


Living / Dining room with many mirrors in the home décor.

The best wallpaper for the use of a mirror, you will be the one that’s going to reflect that, strategically, is something that you would like to be highlighted, such as the furniture and objects for the home. The use of the mirrors, they have a long reach, and will reflect in the overall context of the environment, the focus should be on the environment, in the good layout of the furniture.

It is crucial to emphasize that all the mirrors are multiplied and the items around it, something that can become a problem in certain corners of the dining room.

Another important point is the study of the pagination of the mirrors as a function of the boundary of the plate. The study of the paging takes into account the size of the wall that the mirror is glued to the dimensions of the plates (2,40 x 3,21 m), and the dimensions of the access to the houses, which, in the case of the buildings which were in the elevator and/or stairway. This study was done to define the size of each plate is to be cut off, by glazing and how it will be, once we have a result in a harmonious environment, with a plate sizes are proportionate to the wall. A tip for getting the best results is to install the mirrors are always on flat surfaces.


An example of a mirror in the decor of the Dining Room.

By Marcelo Bastos of Marcelo Bastos Arquitetura.

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