A living room in a planned and all are decorated in a classic style, with sober colours, the lustre of gold, and the elegance of large rugs to furniture and views of the garden. These are the stakes of the interior designer brazilian Kely Carvalho, select the living room all decorated with works of art, curtains, fabric, and metal coatings products.

Classroom planned The living room, planned by Kely CarvalhoSala planned Kely Carvalho>

At the entrance of the environment, it is possible to see that the project is rich in detail and space. The spacious living room, wooden floor, is home to the large size of the sofas and tables occupy the center of the room. On the sofa, with a foot taller, and darker colors, they make up the living room in harmony, with panoramic views of the straight line in clear color and is also a classic. On the walls, cladding in different wood laminate, and an elegant wallpaper that mimics brick.

To leave the room even more cozy, as with all room that you must be in the living room designed by interior designer has released his hand from the soft carpet, wired, light and a great film, one that enhances and shows the rest of the choices from the professional to the living room, the classic and also the many pillows across the room, with neutral colors and frames, stylish and without get away from the tone that prevails on the site, and côte d’ivoire.

Classroom planned The living room, planned by Kely CarvalhoSala planned Kely Carvalho>

In the room the planned has been decorated with a piece of classic, stylish and elegant

Also to enhance the living-room plan, chest of drawers side-all of it in a mirror, which holds the shade of the glass. Among the other choices that stand out are provided in the lobby, which houses a small bar with drinks and bottles easily.

The soundtrack is a separate chapter in the draft room to the professional level. This article from the stop to the entrance and to the side of the coffee table, the piece lends an air of understated, as well as support for books and small objects of deco. In the center of the table, in white lacquer stands out and gives a modern twist to your space. Breaking down a little bit in the realm of the classic style you’ve chosen for the living room, the furniture is still a feeling of spaciousness and lightness to the scene.

Classroom planned The living room, planned by Kely CarvalhoSala planned Kely Carvalho>

The lighting is from the lamps scattered around the environment, as well as in the light coming down from the ceiling, are strategically positioned to enhance the value of works of art in the room, without disturbing the comfort of the user. The books, vases of flowers and a small sculpture, all of gold, were also on the choices of the professional who worked on a variety of references to be rendered with the style of the living room.

Kely Carvalho is a contributor to the Magazine, Viva, Decorating, and interior designer working in the city of Brasilia.

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The living room, planned by Kely Carvalho, a bet on the classics

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