The decoration of the TV room small, you need planning, it is going to ensure you get the most out of the space, and the harmony between the furniture and the decor. The choice of the furniture planned, it allows for a variation of sophisticated decor. Decorate your living room for small TV at the top of the Living Decorating and adding simplicity and elegance to your space.

Choose to use the decorations and furniture can be adapted to the space and conceituem in the style of the decoration you want. The choice of color is also essential to ensure harmony in your living room for small TV. Avoid using a lot of decorative objects, and do not use excessive colors.

Living room TV, small make-up mirror.

The mirror is a great ally of the decoration it adds to the sense of space, and assist in the lighting of the environment, and prints to do some cool stuff. In the project below, and were used for moving perpendicular with the modern design and neutral tones.

living room tv, small The simplicity of the decoration in the living room of the TV in the small print of elegance. The simplicity of the decoration in the living room of the TV in the small print of elegance.”>

This type of lighting is critical to create an environment that is welcoming, take a look at the led lights that were installed in the shelf. So do not abuse the colors, the red has been used in the elements of the secondary, so it’s decor, it became more and more cheerful.

Living room TV, small, wallpaper,.

Floral prints can be used in the decoration of environments-contained, however you have to be careful with the colors you have chosen, only a decoration, it will be very heavy. Opt instead for the use of wallpaper and neutral tones.

living room tv, small Living room TV, small, following the minimalist decor. Living room TV, small, continues with minimalist style and decoration.”>

The concealed reversed, with the indirect lighting provides clean, which matches perfectly with your minimal decor. The project follows the concept of sustainability with the installation of the sliding glass door.

Flooring imitation of wood, it enhances the decoration in the living room of a small TV.

The use of the elements and shades of woody guarantees the harmony of the decoration, especially when teamed up with neutral colors in the environment. The colors used in the design below, complete each other, in perfect harmony.

living room tv, small TV room small, you use the decoration with a neutral décor and a mirror. Living room TV, small to use decorated in neutral colours, and power.”>

Living room TV, small, received the mirror, the same width as that of the sofa will be installed behind a furniture use functional, doubling that of the environment. The insertion of decorative art with the bright colors, wrap style, in decorating the room of a small TV.

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