A few years ago, we had the return of the lining of the interior, which had been overlooked: the Role of the Wall. The element of character that it can be applied to many places and have endless designs, quickly, it was reabsorbed by the decor and is unlikely to fall back into disrepair.

Here are a few examples of the living room are decorated with wall paper

Our story talks about the living room is decorated with wall paper, the effects of which can be strategically positive. The material allows us to create scenes, textures, patterns, fabrics, color and you have infinite possibilities to the designs, with patterns that will fit to a wide variety of styles. Today, there are roles for everyone, and it’s hard to find a person who does not just love for some of them. Since the prints, geometry, through the flower, abstract, textured with various (rocks, cork, fulget, stainless steel, corten, skins,…) and even drawings for you to color and customize!

This is a living room with dark tones, it had a paper to a wall with a floral print, animal applied to it, giving it a tone of both male and daring, and at the same time. – The lighting enhances the drama of the picture, which makes a contrast with the pads of skin tones.

The living room is decorated with wall paper, 2167 bob-galvez and norea-of-the-vitto-viva-decora

This was covered with a paper ribbon in blue, white and black, giving it an air of cheerful light that works in harmony with your garden. The stripes are composed of the texture of the liner and the use of the timber balances out the look.

6740-living room designs-different-family-gislene-willis-viva-decora

In this next room, which is decorated with wall paper, with the geometric print and the color, brings the movement to the decor. Neutral tones and overlays, textures, bring in the elegance, while they may be a side-by-side. – The lighting enhances the movement of the picture in the paper.


In this new environment, the role of the contemporary design, it becomes the main element of the decor, which color, personality, and drive the rest of the composition. The pieces chosen with care, do not overlap due to the beauty of the design.

3486-living-room-area-flat-it is also fully lined-ravaglia-philot-arquitetura-viva-decora (1)

This is a magnificent drawing-abstract art is, at the same time, classic and bold, creating an effect of the novel. Marilia Veiga, he was very happy in this picture, and knew how to direct your choice of decorative pieces made with skill and grace.


This living room is decorated with wall paper, it features a floral print and a classic, which is repeated on the other walls and complete the look of the interior as an extension of the green panels. The range of colors in the lighter shades, which has been adapted to each other is almost an extension of the outdoor landscape. Light is brought in by a floral motif and brings peace and joy, along with the comfortable cushions.


Name Sobocinski is a contributor to the Magazine, Live Panels, and a professional in architecture, and in addition to teaching at the brazilian academy of arts – OPEN

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