The pandemic has forced us to remain for long periods of time in our houses. With this, it is evident that the use of the furniture and common areas has increased in a very big way. We are now in our homes as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus. And, not only that, we want more amenities, more comfort and, above all, that the aesthetics and the design of our furniture and do not lose detail.

An example of this need for change and improvements in our environment has been in the sector of the kitchen, which has grown by almost 12% in the third quarter of the year, according to data collected by the Association of Kitchen Furniture (AMC). In particular, the field of kitchen furniture that stands out the most in sales, reporting a growth of 11,82% in the third quarter of the year, recovering, thus, the impact of the pandemic.

“After months without leaving the house, people are much more aware of the shortcomings of their homes, so that the confinement has been decisive in many cases for people to use to reform their kitchens,” says Juan Luis Salvador, president of AMC. In fact, the reform kitchen tops the list of renovations after the confinement. A few changes, of course, require some preview and study space long before you fall on the most common errors when reforming a kitchen.

In addition, there is no doubt that the Covid has completely changed our way of life, so many people are adapting their kitchens to these new needs and so they are keeping alive the industry of kitchen furniture. A trend that probably comes to stay.

So what augurs well for the AMC, since, even taking into account the slowdown experienced in the second quarter, is expected to maintain the pace of sales to close out the year with some results similar to those of 2019 (in particular 1,47% less), a figure that would not be evil valued taking into account the exceptional circumstances of this 2020.

The confinement has been decisive in many cases for people to use to reform and change the design of their kitchens

What is for sure is that we have become more demanding with our homes. Many people have already put hands to the work, reforming bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms. A modification that will inspire and protect them. In the end, it’s about adapting the space to our inner world and our well-being. Small details that we observe from the color and the design of the furniture. For example, according to Bruguer, Mother Earth is the color of the year 2021. A range of colours warm and soft colors inciting the gathering, comfort, rest, and connect us with nature.

On the other hand, the outdoor spaces, natural, and family are one of the trends that has come to stay, according to the seventh Report of the IKEA Life at Home. In fact, it is not a coincidence that prefer wider areas, where they can meet with the family or that they are multi-purpose. That is to say, we want more quality of life and that it is within our homes.

Also in the kitchen watching these demands and changes in the design that have a lot to do with the idea of cooking in the family or spend more time together. As not, it is also a good time to rethink 10 ideas for designing the kitchen office perfect home. Now that telework is so integrated, we also look for kitchens that are adapted to the new needs with a space to be able to eat but in the form of a bar, side table, stool or an island.

We show now a set of images that show the diversity of cuisines that are succeeding right now. Designs practical, useful, very functional and spacious. A way of being at home from the comfort and the design of quality, such as no, go hand in hand.

Kitchen: functional and dynamic


Kitchen: functional and dynamic

One of the options more you wear now it is the kitchen type office. At the time of creating them, the options are many and varied. Yes, if you want to have a fit the day-to-day and with the latest designs, you can include the tables exempt, light bars, shelves flown… A choice that extends the work surface and simplifies the tasks of the home at the time of put on and remove the table.

Photos of AC&B

Includes efficient appliances


Includes efficient appliances

The focus on sustainability and efficiency is not at odds with the authentic design of kitchens. For example, you can choose a few appliances with energy label A+++, A++, A+ or and save on the water bill, the gas and the light.

Open kitchens that combine spaces


Open kitchens that combine spaces

The open kitchens that combine spaces do not cease to surprise us. Every time they win more adherents among those people who want to make your home multifunctional areas. An example are the ones that include the kitchen and the living under the same ground, both built with a decoration that never goes unnoticed.

Brightness and color


Brightness and color

A good entry of natural light and optimum general lighting are essential in a kitchen. Also, the foci, and linestras that illuminate the work surfaces and the lamps suspension on the office.

In addition to let the natural light, don’t lose sight of the shade of walls and furniture. A trick that will be really cool is to use a range of colours-white, along with lighting, full of life space.

Maximize the storage space


Maximize the storage space

Another of the modes that cannot go unnoticed is the one whose objective is to maximize the space. For example, the cabinets that reach to the ceiling, take advantage of the socket, or the taking advantage of the space between the modules is lower and the upper multiply the capacity of storage of the kitchen.

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