We joined with the interior designer Raúl Martins a beautiful building, designed by architect Andrés Revolt, in the heart of the madrid neighborhood of El Viso; an exceptional property, Knight Frank has for sale and that combines with a lot of tino architecture of invoice and contemporary pieces, very classic. A co-ordinated success that comes up to the table, a festive proposal, signing your own interior designer.

In it, He put hands to the work to give us the keys to wear this Christmas or any time of year that is worth its salt. And it does so by putting into practice all your knowledge, and a rule of five points. Are your foolproof, you can also make yours and use them in a thousand and one different occasions.

Acknowledgements: Knight Frank, real estate consultants.

Mixed tableware


Mixed tableware

And to do so without fear. It is the best way to not use formulas fixed and try to do different things, they are equally beautiful. At our table, there is three plates of different –Amazonia (inspired by a philosophical journey), Coralina (a design Oscar de la Renta) and Folkifunki (a creation by Jaime Hayon); all of Vista Alegre–; three proposals, input, have nothing to do, we could even say that ‘non-stick’, but that coordinated work wonders, by bringing together disciplines very different, and to do so in good harmony: fashion, design, and the hidden world or travel.

In addition, there are many elements combined: from vases, varied colors, the two tablecloths (both of Alhambra, in Pepe Peñalver)… “Summarizes my concept of the mix, particularly tableware,” says Raúl Martins.

Color as a nexus of union


Color as a nexus of union

It is essential to have a thread to be able to develop proposals heterogeneous that make sense, must take with him to achieve that all those elements, which are distinct and placed without an apparent organization, have continuity, sense.

In the table of Raul Martins, this continuity provides the color of the tablecloth central, which is the starting point for an interior designer to design all that show color: a huge fabric of Alhambra in neutral tones that wraps around the table and that works as the basis for giving an explosion of color much more shocking: green, coral, blue… something that is repeated in the items that dress the table with napkins, decor plant, dishes…). “All part of the main fabric that helps me to generate a colorful sense,” says the interior designer.

Plant elements


Plant elements

From the SIXTEENTH century applied the plant elements in decoration, almost as if a still life is involved, although now it seems that we have forgotten the use of those fruits to decorate the table. Once they were difficult to get, the transport was very slow, and their ultimate effect was to end, as that of an exotic surprise. Then, why not recover them now? Our table has apples, pumpkins, lots of flowers…

All this, at the end, “it gives me a point of asymmetry; the nature a little rampant, particularly the floral arrangements, and a point of disorder content –despite the fact that, obviously, everything is where it should be–. All of this contributes to naturalness, and that is important. There is a air of a certain lack of controlthat gives you a point loose and limber to the table, is ideal,” concludes Raúl Martins.

Blends unexpected


Blends unexpected

Complements the previous point: mix fruits, vegetables, flowers, tableware, various pieces of Murano glass… there are so many things combined, and so different, but consistent and meaningful way. They all work because they have their connections: a little bit of color, the order in the table, a touch of surprise, for example.

“That is the most important, that is not all too evident, and that’s a little on the table, which has things for you to discover, that we are going to surprise,” says the interior designer.

The scale and some exaggeration


The scale and some exaggeration

In the work of the architect or interior designer, the scale is something essential for designing with the right ratio each space. In our case, it has been reproduced in a vertical direction and in horizontal with a large center mounting in the table, which is also very wide and high. There is a part of the scale which is glued, as it were horizontal to the table (all of these products, vegetables, fruits, etc, placed on the table) and then appears a vertical marked by the floral arrangement (something done intentionally): “I can’t do a mounting plane and a party table we can play to have fun and do things out of scale, more daring,” says Raul.

It is clear, dare, play and be surprised. What you’ll get with these tips from the great interior designer Raúl Martins. Remember: tables closer to the holiday are always the most personal, bold and original. Enjoy!

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