In the Valley of Guadalest, Alicante, is the VIVOOD Landscape Hotel & 5E Spa, a project of the architect Daniel Mayo that blends perfectly ecology, sustainability and well-being.

The young segovia had in mind to make an innovative project in the tourism sector, and got designing the first hotel landscape in Spain.

With more than 80.000m2 of land and surrounded by the mountains and the mediterranean flora, the farm seeks to appeal to all the senses of the guest, connecting with the pure nature. Thus, the 5 “E” that accompany your name reference and honor to the environment, charm, excitement, exclusivity and ecological factor of the magical place in which the glass takes a leading role.

And it is that an space where the outdoors is essential, this element provides the relationship between nature and interior, keeping all the conditions of comfort that should accompany you to a hotel.

Exclusive rooms, in a privileged environment

With a total of thirty-five unique roomsthese are divided into ten private Villas, four Pool suites and blackjack double Suites. They all share a minimalist design, but without forgetting the luxury and the comfort.

The suites consisting of private cubicles of about 27m2 consisting of three panels made of wood and one made of glass, to adapt fully to the orography. That is why it is accessed by a gangway or ladder, depending on the plot where it is located and reiterating that one of the objectives of the architect: “this is to adapt to the landscape, not to alter it”.

In terms of the Villas, the rooms are equipped with all kinds of technology, automation of about 70m2, which feature a panoramic lounge, a sun terrace, an outdoor heated pool, bedroom with double bed 2×2 meters and movie screen, dressing room and bathroom with shower rain with mountain views.

The glass plays a crucial role in all the rooms, bringing the panoramic views of a space, totally integrated in the nature and with an ecological footprint at a minimum in the landscape thanks to the fact that all the modules were prefabricated in a workshop and subsequently transported to the site to reduce the impact on the privileged environment.

The glass as a mediator and protagonist

A great window pan rising up from the floor to the ceiling of each room and in front of the bed, making it the only element that separates the guest of the nature and the interior of the hotel, providing a natural lighting only. This item, designed by the group Guardian Glass, becomes the mediator between the guest and nature, in addition to functioning as insulation and acoustic.

Thus, the main solutions chosen for the project are to model the Guardian Sun, offering total transparency and with a minimum disturbance of the coloration of the spectacular landscape. It is a smart glass, which isolates the outside, filtering the input of heat in summer and cold in the winter, making not only provide comfort, but also an energy-saving, reiterating the commitment of the hotel with respect to the environment.

Facilities of dream

Among the common facilities include two swimming pools, panoramic or “infinity pool” that blend into the landscape, a luxurious Spa, a restaurant specializing in slow food, a lounge bar and pool bar and meeting rooms adapted for enterprises, all of this in the middle of its almost 80,000 m2 of plot that only the 7,22% are building.

Bedroom of one of the villas


Bedroom of one of the villas

With panoramic views of the spectacular landscape. Photo by Alfonso Calza.

Infinity pool


Infinity pool

One of the communal swimming pools of the hotel. Photo of Amanda Gonzalez.




Double Suites built into the environment. Photo of Amanda Gonzalez.

Private Villas


Private Villas

Outer view of the villas with a private swimming pool. Photo by Alfonso Calza.

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