The walk-in showers, integrated in the bathroom are an upward trend in that it seems to be the preferred option at the time of reform in this space. One of your strong points is that they allow us to get a lot more breadth and are phenomenal. In addition, their aesthetic makes a modern alternative very elegant and attractive.

Also known as Walk-In showers because they are more practical and functional and made to disappear the physical boundaries to our feet, providing a greater comfort and safety while preventing trips and slipping. Doesn’t have to lift your foot to jump the ledges and enter the shower. Goodbye barriers!

Ideal for small bathrooms

To the lack of space, will be the best alternative because they make the space is clear, and provide a great feeling of spaciousness. Integrate and adapt themselves easily, making it appear that there is more space. Even, if you want to play with the meters, you can choose between different ways to optimize more space and get in the shower meets your needs. The effect will be, of course, flattering.

To take into account

The walk-in showers can be installed very easily in new construction or when the bathroom is renovated from scratch. Instead, it’s a little more difficult when it comes to stay in the soil do not have more than five centimeters, because its installation requires a certain height to prevent water pond. In these cases, the slope could also get to create and install a walk-in shower, though with more difficulty.

The materials most practical

The aesthetics of the bathroom will vary depending on our preferences and personality. Among the most practical options and common to choose the materials to create or reform the bathroom, we find the following:


It is a great option to create a uniform space and a larger amplitude. It is preferable to use large tiles and smooth or plates of quartz with the smallest possible number of joints. In this way, it will be easier to clean the stay and prevent the formation of mold.

Steel plates enameling

They are very resistant and easy to keep in good condition. Since it is a surface without joints, provides significant benefits for the cleaning. Among the negative aspects, you should know that it can be scratched more easily.

Coatings Terrastone

It is the more sustainable option because it is made from natural materials that have been mixed with resin. It stands out for its relief, and by the different pigments reflect. Its main advantages are its breathability and its ability to withstand moisture.

A uniform space and continuity


A uniform space and continuity

A lesser number of joints, greater ease of cleaning


A lesser number of joints, greater ease of cleaning

In different ways


In different ways

To the side of the window and the natural light


To the side of the window and the natural light

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