The living and dining area they were the first environments to be included, and, literally, to make space for on-trend, and the rest of the environment. This is just as true that today it is very rare to not find a dining-room is associated to the living room.

In the current project, to integrate into a dining room and the other rooms of the house, it gives a proposal for a less formal, more relaxed, and intimate. This results in an interaction is added in between all of that flow through them.

The dining room is decorated

The integration of the environments

The dining room is decorated to meet the needs of the local population

More and more common in the design of residential thought in environments that are open and connected. When I start the job, after a briefing from the client, setorizo environments, this allows us to analyze the design of each piece of furniture if the house has small children, the elderly, or in a wheelchair, and how many are going to be using the room for dinner. When the locals are party, I try to compose with the environment, with a dining table, a round where you always room for one more, she’s also serving to small children, because it reduces the risk of injury.

The chair needs to be comfortable, with a height of 44cm in the floor to a height of media, we look at all the times the local residents). Another important detail is the use of a chair without arm when the room is small, it makes it easy to enter and exit from the table, in addition to a sideboard or a buffet breakfast, which is very practical.

The dining room is decorated

The dining room is decorated with the personal taste of the local residents

The lighting, the dinner should be white-hot, so don’t untwist, the color of the product. In the case of the pendant light fixture, it should be put up to 80 inches from the base of the table, so as not to interfere with the field of view during the conversation, and when you’re on foot, this piece will be a time that is pleasing to look at.

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Recently, in an apartment with a floor area of 150 m2 in size, the challenge was to renovate the living room. In this work, we utilize the finest materials, and combine it with the high standards of the region, and we are further to the request of the customer. The intent was to have the social area of three environments using a mobile with the ergonomics and good measures are lower.

The dining room is decorated

The details in the dining room

The living room is decorated I used the same table and the chairs that the client liked it very much, since it would take us back to the history of the family, for the support of the table, I have a Buffet, lacquer off White, matt, in the side of a dresser with a more retro look for the house with the clock on it that was from the father (deceased), on the side of the table, harmonizei, with a frame made of wood, to put up a picture of a horse. The walls were covered with paper with the texture of the fabric is in bright colors, I went also to the balcony with the rest of the house.

Macy’s Case, she is a collaborator of the Magazine in Live Panels, and Formed in the Interior Design of the Escola Panamericana de Artes, engaged in the field of Interior design since 1992. He exercised positions in companies, specialized, and in 2002 he opened his own studio.

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The dining room is decorated with a design of current

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