You can have a living room with modern and colorful at the same time. It gives a yes, and here we will teach you how!

oppas The decoration of a modern living room, colourful, is possívelDecoração of the living-room, modern, and color is possible.”>

The decoration of a modern living room, colorful

1) Mix is good, you just have to be careful.

When choosing a rug, think of the mix of colors and patterns. If you have opted out of a rug’s colorful and full of different shapes, a perfect choice for sofa it is a color that is more neutral, such as gray, white or black, so I don’t leave a heavy load.

Tip 2) you Want to join the trend of geometric decoration in the living room and you don’t know how?

If you are not expert in the subject matter, it’s always a good idea to start by putting small accessories, or moving lower in your décor, and go to blending in with all the others, which are more neutral. To begin with wallpaper, colorful, and full of form, with a central table, more cool or pillows in different prints. Thus, you will be able to have more confidence to go riding in the decoration of some of the trends that suit your style.

The decoration of a modern living room Here’s how to make a decoration of a living room modernaVeja how to make a decoration of a modern living room”>

Tip (3) If you want a living-room, modern, and charming, invest in a good design elements!

To give a finishing touch to invest in the pictures app, and with different pictures, take advantage of this, and splurge on your good taste of art! In addition to display for your hand-Arty, the frames can be combined with a mix of pillows, and it all fit in the palette of the colors are similar, the trick from the pros!

Tip 4) Place the positive design in a practical way.

The events and the design is to basically add elements are colored in the same room,but you always think of the color that complement each other and form a “feng shui “ of positivity and optimism into the environment. Start with a sofa and armchairs color-pastels for no charge on both the interior and go, implementing, pillows, rugs, and pictures with more vibrant colors in accordance with these shades and nuances. It’s only if you play with the colors!

The decoration of a modern living room The decoration of the living room, modern: Bet on the detahesDecoração for living room, modern: Bet on the detahes”>

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The decoration of a modern living room, colourful and at the same time

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