Our luscious be able to lie down on the couch in your house and watch that movie, isn’t it? Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to take a rest and the decoration for the living room, you can make the atmosphere more pleasant and welcoming.

With this in mind, the majority of the companies that manufacture furniture in this environment, are producing ever-more sofas are incredibly comfortable, and it looks as though you’re sitting down for too soft, so we decided to give you some tips for a decoration for the living room, which can be more affordable for your pocket as well as being practical in your day to day life.

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There we go, what is the most important thing in the room?

Of course, it’s a couch! Today we some of the models, which are transformed into real beds, we also got our hands on the famous sofa retrateis, and I can tell you from my own experience, they are extremely comfortable.

Some of these sofas come with a pouch siliconadas, and don’t think about you, that is expensive! Today, you can find all prices for the most varied in order to achieve decoration for living room, just a good price, which you will most certainly find you and take you to your couch for the price, very cheaply.

décor for a living room with sofa bed louis XV

The classic design of the sofa in louis XV

Rugs for living room

The rugs are accessories that give charm and comfort to the most in the decoration of the living room, especially on cold days, if combined with a nice fireplace. There are models and types to suit all tastes, however, and the carpets are still the objects are in expensive, and it has to be of good quality, because it ensures the durability of the product, and also you can choose in the market for models, carpet, anti-allergic.

It is important that the floor mats do not be too big, it can take up a lot of space, and to take away from the charm of the decoration in the living room.

A good tip is that the famous carpets in the east, both of which are more rustic, and is very easy to clean, in addition to dry out more quickly and be easy to handle, because they are very light, and the prices of the models from the carpet are also considered to be good and affordable.

The rug and grey sofa-leather, black, French country style

The decoration of a living room with rug and grey sofa-leather, black, with a French country style

The niches and shelves in the living room

Invest in niche and shelves, and they take up less space and add a splash of all-a special décor for a living room, in addition to providing small room, and let the space a more charming, and well organized.

Niche for the organization, and decor

Niche and shelves will help you in the organization, and decorations for the living room


To take advantage of the most of the space on the panel for the TV is a great choice for decorating a room. There are a variety of models, just pick the ones you like best and share them with the environment. Be aware of the colours you have chosen for non-overlap in relation to the other objects in the room.

TV room with a rug, geometric

Decorating living room with TV-carpet-black-and-white geometric patterns

The decoration for the living room in light colors

In decorating the living room, the furniture and the walls, must be done in light colors, because it helps the environment, leaving the colour on behalf of the object, that is, the frame, the flowers, the decorations. The frames are also a lot, just be careful with the over-sized in order not to overwhelm the decor for the living room.

Bright colors for Decor

In decorating the room you prefer to put on vibrant colours in a decorative items such as pictures and flowers.

Mirror decor living room

Mirrors are also a great demand in the decoration of dining room, they enhance the environment, and to bring in more light, just make sure they don’t come to reflect, bathrooms, hallways, and laundry facilities.

Espelho Bisote for the dining room

The decoration for the dining room mirror bisote, and silver pendant

Follow these simple tips to make the decor for the living room, you’re sure to be able to do a good job of it, getting on the end of a great result; and so, let’s get to it, and let’s get started!

This article about tips for decorating living room has been designed by the team of the Studio’s Classic.

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