In 1975, the bathrooms were not as we know them now. Until that moment, in this room reserved for the care and personal hygiene, functionality, premium is above all, and there were few that were in the bathroom of the vital importance in the decoration of interiors that we give now. Until they got to the complete solutions of Luigi Colanithe German designer whose creations have marked the beginning of the transformation of the bathrooms in authentic living spaces, and today we want to remember.

Famous for its designs, futuristic and organic shapes, Colani he found inspiration for the design of your sinks, toilets, bidets and urinals in the people and in their movements usual in the bathroom. Their goal was to design a collection that will show the dimensions of aesthetic and ergonomic design of the bathroom, very inspired by the kingdom of nature, and following the trend of their other designs, and of their own distinctive style which made him famous in the entire world: as it did with the designs of sports cars, furniture, dishes, cameras, or clothing for large firms, Colani he combined his knowledge of aerodynamics and ergonomics with his love for the organic design and biomorphic.

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What we see in this predominance absolute rounded shapesdesigned to embrace the human body, without corners and edges which are difficult to clean, or potentially hazardous, and inspired in the flow timeless water and the natural movements of the people, that they would transform the bathroom into a living space.

Why should I join the deviation of the mass that you want to make everything angular? I’m going to follow the philosophy of Galileo Galilei. My world is also round!”, Luigi Colani

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A custom made Villeroy & Boch

The collection futuristic to the bathroom Colani was a custom that the signature Villeroy & Boch made by German designer, 1975, which would announce the beginning of a new era for the company: from this point on, the design assumed a fundamental role in the collections health of the company, and the 1970s saw the introduction of new articles of complementary bath to meet the demand of consumers of “baths living”. The extended range also included a selection of colors that convey an emotional element and provide space to express preferences of individual style.

Villeroy & Boch assures that the new horizons explored with the collection of bathrooms by Luigi Colani are now familiar territory to all divisions of the company. Design standards demanding apply to each product as part of an approach of holistic development that goes beyond the individual products to the creation of spaces that allow consumers to express their own individual attitude towards life.

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The collection ergonomic Luigi Colani, which transformed the bathroom into a living space

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