For many of us, coffee is an essential part of our day-to-day: it helps us to start the day with energy, is the break perfect in our office and an excuse infallible to meet up with friends and family for a chat. So much so, that it has become a practice almost ritual, a ‘holy moment’ that helps us to disconnect from our busy agenda and to regain the strength to continue with our daily routine.

For this reason, the coffee they have also become an essential object for all who appreciate the true flavor of this aromatic and ancient infusion. So, despite the fact that possibly many opt for soluble versions or snapshots, sooner or later, our taste buds will be made more sophisticated and it is very likely that we want to try more options ‘elegant’, with more style, and to experiment with the myriad of aromas and intensities of coffee on the market.

And this brings us to one of the crucial steps of those who venture into this fascinating world: choose the coffee maker ideal for each one, something that is not at all an easy task. With all of the types, ranges and varieties that exist, who can decide for the coffee maker is perfect?

Types of coffee

The first step in the search for the machine of your dreams is to identify what is the type of coffee you like the most: what are you, express very short, and more Italian style? or do you prefer to enjoy slowly of a good bowl of coffee with milk? When you have managed to identify your tastes, it will be much easier to choose between the different types of coffee makers that are on the market:

Coffee filter and drip:

These would be the classic coffee makers americanideal for those that prefer the longer coffee and diluted. The operation is very simple: water is poured into a tank located at the top and, when it has been warmed up, and drips through a filter full of coffee grounds.

If you like the coffee strong and intensethis will be your best choice. There is an extensive variety of machines in the market, some with mechanisms truly sophisticated, that calculated the perfect temperature for coffee is more intense and with the best aroma.

Perfect for those that do not have the time to prepare it. A simple, quick, and without a doubt the most easy to of use. In addition, as you already know, there are many flavors and different flavors that you can go experimenting until you find the ones you like.

It is a how to make traditional coffee that consists of a bottle of cylindrical glass that is filled with hot water and where it is pressed by a plunger, coffee coarse ground. The coffee you get is more intense than the drip, and it is also very easy to make, so if you prefer a more ‘artisan’ this is yours.

Sometimes, however, it is not enough to buy a good coffee maker. As we mentioned, today there is so much variety, that many signatures, and design marks have also backed to add their bit to the world of coffee and have created designs from the most sophisticated to add style to our favorite rituals of the day. Below, we show you some of the bets most inspiring of this 2019.




Coffee to manual pressure Rok. It is used by pressing with two handles on a capsule with coffee grounds, so that you can express without the need for electricity.

Seen in: Food52 –




The study of canadian design Fshtnk Design Factory has prepared this method for filter (the favorite of the nordic countries) who have been baptized as Canadiano.

Seen in: Pur Natur –




Collection Collar, creating scandinavian-inspired by the Italian studio Something Design for the Danish firm Stelton.

Seen in: Amara –

collection to make coffee filter H. A. N. D


collection to make coffee filter H. A. N. D

Collection filter coffee H. A. N. D: Have a nice day, created by the firm Toast Living.

Seen in: MilkDesign –

Duo Coffee Steeper


Duo Coffee Steeper

Coffee maker French press Duo Coffee Steeper with double filter.

Seen in: Wiplabs –

Ikawa roaster


Ikawa roaster

Toaster Ikawa, of the hand of the designers Andrew Sortdy and Rombout Frielingbased in London.

Seen in: Leibal –




Coffee maker Italian style Bialetti created by the architect Michele De Lucchi for Alessi, in collaboration with Illycaffè.

Seen at: Etsy –




Collection Brew copper manufactured by Tom Dixon, with properties and hypo-allergenic.

Seen in: AD Magazine –

collection Sucabaruca


collection Sucabaruca

Collection Sucabaruca of Luca Nichetto for the canadian firm Mjölk. Combines the Italian tradition of coffee with the scandinavian and north american.

Seen in: Mjölk –

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