The choice of finish on the walls requires a lot of careful planning and creativity. Today, the painting does not represent the only way to decorate a wall, and, as a range of ideas and materials that may be used to enhance the aesthetics of the environments are enormous.

Decorating com tijolo aparente

Decoration of the brick and the apparent.

A few materials to make environments more welcoming than a wall of bricks. Very contemporary design with many different shapes and finishes, love the richness of the details. O tijolo aparente do not need to be related to the harsh environments, as the coating also adds personality to space, creating a decor, laid-back and charming, with it’s bold.

Living room with a brick in the decor

Living room with a brick in your home décor.

You may think of a wall of these do not “fit” in the home, for the sake of the decor already in place, but what you may not know is just how versatile this one trick could be. This type of wall, you can put the paintings and works of art, giving “life” to your environment, especially if the rest of the walls are white. Such a wall can be a game-changer, selecting, and classifying spaces.

To achieve this effect, you can build-or have just put up a wall, and, in the case of the residences in the most modern. In older homes, you can peel off a wall to find out whether it is or not it was formed by the bricks. Think about what you want, and choose the pieces to the shade and size are appropriate.

A wall lined with bricks

A wall covered with brick.

The types of finishes may be different, and it affects the feel of the environment, it will pass. You can choose the natural color, if you want to give it an air of the most stylish and understated in your living room, in this case, the emphasis is on the light. If you do not want to show it directly to the material, the blocks can be painted with lime paint in the color you want. The paint on the wall, the brick is the way out-perfect for a those looking for the results of the most delicate and modern.

Decorating with bricks, painted in


A tip is to apply a silicone resin on the wall in order to maintain the integrity of the bricks, that look is always nice, with no risk of damage caused by moisture. In this way, for the cleaning of the wall, it is easier for you.

The text, with the collaboration of the Architect Marcelo Bastos.

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