Technology and comfort go hand in hand in this project of acquired housing in Barcelona. Located in the upper area of the city, its owners fell in love with the space, their external openings and the possibility of designing a home to suit you. To do this is put in the hands of The Room Studio, led by Meritxell Ribé i Josep Puigdomènech, who bet on keep some original elements and to enhance the brightnessgetting a visual effect to the greatest extent.

Created areas dialoguing, perfectly connected and flowing. With your update, there was a home with charm and very personal, in which the pieces of classic design coexist with elements made to measure, all thought to look, but to be functional.

At the time of designing the bedroom suite, The Room Studio took advantage of the existing space, which held a set point in order to achieve an intimate stay special.

They played with the framework and the moldings of the ceiling to then grant you, with an elaborate interior design project and lighting, a touch of elegance. So, they chose wallpaper for the wall of the headboard, and incorporated a relaxation area next to the window to rest or watch TV, giving the bedroom of practicality. This environment is an annex to a terrace. The vibrant colors chosen for each of the items were selected considering their ability to convey a pleasant feeling of comfort and sensitivity. In the case of the bathroom, remade completely, placing new porcelain, a towel radiator, designing a shower area with large dimensions and a good storage system. On the ground, favoured a paving disjoint that brings a feeling of spaciousness.

The before and after bedroom

The before and after bedroom

The access to the bedroom was through a corridor narrow and full of doors. This compartmentalization has been solved by opening spaces. The air conditioning system and the finishes of the room were obsolete and had to install new ones, and to design a more functional and elegant.

The result of the work of The Room Studio is really sophisticated. The wallpaper adds the restoration of the arch of the gallery, converted into a relaxation area for reading, the TV and the rest, and placed next to an outside area.

With this is achieved enhance the brightness and visually expand the stay. Bed Brick, of Novamobili; bench and side table from Vitra; a sofa of the owners; carpet Woodnote; ceiling lamp DCW; on the chest of drawers, light fixture Basket, by Miguel Milá for Santa & Cole; textile Teixidors, in Matèria.

The before and after of the bathroom

The before and after of the bathroom

The bathroom was of origin, with what was impractical; it had little space for storage; the tiles of 10 x 10 cm) do not fit with the desires of the owners and an old mirror and the bad lighting made it impractical.

The renovation of the space has turned it into a bathroom with everything you need for it to be functional: a shower of large dimensions with a glass transparent glass; a heated towel rail, a niche of work; a toilet flown with water tank built and a good storage. Mirror and add-ons to The Room Studio. Stool for Vitra. Apply for Anglepoise.

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