Have you ever thought of the possibility of having a bar in your house? Believe me, it can be simple and easy for you to plan your own. We live in a time that you get, friends, or relaxing at home, it has become a luxury. With homes becoming smaller and smaller, the chances of creating a space for interaction and leisure activities were decreased.

Having a home bar-it carries a lot of advantages, because you do not need a very large space to make their own, to storage that is organized and welcoming. In addition to this, you save on the drinks, we got the inside for your own home. As it tends to be a space is cool, it helps in decorating the home.

the bar at home, keep calm

For a cozy ambience with this function, it may be a good chance to spice up the decor and liven up your home. Think about the style and style of their furniture, and see how it can be very simple to you to create this corner.

Here are some great tips to create the bar at home

1 – Select in the bottom-suitable for receiving a bar in your home. It should be snug and have a reasonable amount of space to stay in for quite some time. It may also be in your living room, dining room, in your garage, or in your balcony.

the bar is in the house balcony

(2) For the bar to be functional, it needs to have a few items, such as: knife, mortar and pestle, corkscrew, and napkins, cocktail shaker, and a power cable. If you have a place in your own bar, to keep these items, which is great. If you do not have to leave the tools are saved to the kitchen and pull out just in time to use it.

a bar in a home, the living room

3. If you don’t have a lot space is available to invest in the bar, the most simple one. You just need a sideboard with some of the tray to pretty up there. Place the bottle on top of this tray, and cups on the back, and decorate your space-framed or as a wall paper that is different from the rest of the environment.

the bar at home

4 – Keep it under the dresser, and the cups, and the cups are different. Some of the bowls are multi-purpose, as they serve various types of drinks, some of it is specific for each and every drink. You can leave a different kind of every cup for the decoration of the environment. The glasses also serve drinks, the smaller ones tend to serve the drinks are stronger, and the larger cups to serve beverages nice and smooth.

the bar is in the house The 5 – In-one bar is a great place benches, poufs, chairs, or benches. A fridge, a mini fridge or a wine cellar can store it in the special drinks, such as beers, wines, and can fit easily beneath the surface. Another good way to creatively it can store your wines in a cobogós, in addition to the retro feel, they can share a room.the bar at home, cobogó the living room

In this way, the visitor can serve as a decoration, playground, a space to relax and play. You can have a unique space or environment, to receive his friends.

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The Bar at home is easy, fast, fancy-free and fun

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