Mexico lindo, Mexico and its taste. The Catalan region now has two new restaurants of the chain Panchito, known for its more than 10 branch offices and its mexican food. The construction 4Retail has been commissioned to build them in the shopping centers of Ànec Blau Castelldefels and Som Multiespai of Barcelona. Do you dare to taste them?

In these restaurants, the cuisine, the design and even each decorative element drink of the mexican culture. Both spaces have been executed in full by 4Retail. Your contribution can be observed in civil works, installations, carpentry, cooking, cameras and furniture.

Panchito and his image to call attention to any that is near. In addition, in these two new local has redefined the image of the brand, bringing together its distinctive and colorful look mariachi with a renovated interior, current, fun and casual.

As not, the atmosphere of mexico has been at the detail. The project rescues foundational elements of the brand such as the inn and stool pairs -with the perfect measure for you to take a kiss without getting up, the decor is native to various regions in mexico and the pass of cooking to feel the closeness. For customers out of the space with the feeling of a real immersion in the mexican culture.

gastronomy letter panchito

For example, in the decoration, it has attempted to make the wooden tables combine with bar stools in turquoise chairs Skand in this tone and in yellow, and also with chairs white Albeup. A range of shades that invites you to the celebration and fun.

We can not leave aside the taste for the bar in yellow and decorated with ropes, or the lining of the wall at half height is a cheerful and colourful mosaic typical mexican.

We see on the walls nuances to the environment. In them hanging dishes and traditional gift of vivid colors. Everything to do to enjoy the diner of the mexican cuisine with the five senses.

Remember that you can choose from more than ten local that already exist in Catalonia. And if you’ve already tried it, go to the shopping centers of Ànec Blau Castelldefels and Som Multiespai of Barcelona, where you’ll find new Panchito. Are you ready to travel to Mexico?

The gastronomic paradise of Mexico


The gastronomic paradise of Mexico

How does Panchito? It is the result of the concern of the family, Martin Candela, that when you come to Spain, he wanted to share the gastronomic paradise of Mexico with their new friends.

Started its activities in Barcelona in 19 with his first restaurant in the street Vico, Barcelona, and due to the success and high demand, has been growing and welcoming of different generations.

A little piece of Mexico


A little piece of Mexico

Panchito is the result of moving a little piece of Mexico to anywhere in the world. On its premises, you can enjoy a careful selection of authentic Mexican dishes, within an environment that, both in the decor as for your kind attention, transporting the diner in the heart of mexico.

An experience for all five senses


An experience for all five senses

In his letter to dominate the Studs, as the very essence of Mexican Cuisine, accompanied by the traditional Enchiladas, Carnitas, Nachos, Guacamole and a variety of Appetizers, that make the palate of those who enjoy a taste experience that invites repeat.

Funny food in a family atmosphere


Funny food in a family atmosphere

The philosophy of Panchito is to create a warm, family, friendly and fun environment in which diners can enjoy a meal fun, high-quality and at an affordable price, with the possibility of testing more than one of the flavors and textures of the Gastronomic paradise of mexico.

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